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What is new in Mistika VR 10.2

Melanie Diaz

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Mistika VR 10.2 is now available

Hi everyone,

We have released an upgraded version of Mistika VR, introducing exciting new features with enhanced stabilization, performance boost, expanded rendering capabilities and additional camera presets.

Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version:

New Features:

  • KanDao Obsidian Gyroscope (IMU, Inertial Motion Unit) stabilization is now supported. 
  • KanDao QooCam 8k Gyroscope (IMU, Inertial Motion Unit) stabilization is now supported. 
  • Teche 360Anywhere Gyroscope (IMU, Inertial Motion Unit) stabilization is now supported. 
  • The IMU interpretation algorithm was considerably improved, and should provide a much more stable result view. 
  • Follow overall heading option was added for the IMU import, to choose between keeping an absolute orientation or keeping the overall camera heading, Steadicam style.
  • Rolling shutter compensation support. This improves the results when stabilization is applied in post together with stitching. Applies to both imported gyro(IMU) stabilization and stabilization based on image analysis. 
  • Render now allows multiple options for output media naming.
  • Interactive performance and playback speed on Windows is hugely improved. Typically, 2-3x faster when Optical Flow is not activated. 
  • Render speed on Windows may improve considerably for renders without Optical Flow (most of VR180 or preliminary VR360 renders).
  • PTGui .pts import now accepts lenses in rectilinear mode.

New presets:

  • Insta360 One X2
  • Teche 360Anywhere 
  • LabPano Pilot Era and PilotOneEE presets added (video and still)
  • ZCam K2 with iZugar MX200
  • ZCam K2 with Laowa 4mm

Fixed bugs and minor improvements:

  • Improved playback speed and playback frame rate up to 10x now in Windows.
  • The parameters now correctly accept a new value when typing it for the first time. 
  • The “follow overall heading” toggle now displays the correct state when the toggle value is changed.
  • The sliders now properly display the value in Windows.
  • Custom Frame Rate Editor now allows decimals.
  • The pull-down menu for the tools is now visible.
  • Ctrl+ C and Ctrl+V now work correctly with color correction values.
  • The Color Picker now shows the correct values when switching from/to Proxy mode.
  • Output to rectilinear or fisheye view now allows a wider view angle, not limited by a crop circle anymore.
  • Resolutions in macOS are now properly displayed.
  • Mistika VR can now properly read the dimensions of the still image.
  • Vuze preset is now fixed.
  • DNG RAW files are now working correctly in macOS.
  • Mistika VR keeps working properly when all shots are deleted in macOS.
  • Enhanced stabilization when the “follow after frames” number is higher than the distance between the edit marks.
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