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Relinking / Replacing Clips


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I am trying to replace one clip on the timeline without succes and I cant find out what I am doing wrong. I did replace clips in other projects without any problems, but this one is bugging me.

1- I am relinking the the "WOMAN%STEREO.mp4"  (this comes from an external XML). Since the clip in the original version is a .mp4 I reconfirmed this clip to a prores  "WOMAN_S.mov"
If I try to relink the media I get "the metadata change dit not lead to any clip finding its media". Both clips are 30fps with exact the same length.

Step 01


Step 02


Step 03



Clip Settings Original .mp4



Clip Settings Media .mov (when loaded on timeline) 



Are there other convenient way to replace clips within Msitika?

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Hi Jan,

Sorry for the late reply.

I'm afraid what you are looking it's not possible currently in Mistika. The replace tool you need is not developed yet.

The relink tool will work for media that has lost the the source of the file, but it's located somewhere and you can relink it to the new location. 

However, you are trying to replace a .mov file to a .mp4 file, therefore, the metadata does not matcha and Mistika will not be able to relink those two files. 

The replace tool will eventually arrive. It's in the road dev map but I'm not certain about when it will be available. Sorry for this inconvenience.  



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Hey Cristobal, great to hear it is in the development pipeline.

it would be great if the replace tool would be super flexibele. 

Just some bold wishes. ?

1 -Replace-  Matching timecode
2- Replace - On 'in point' Timeline (would be super handy with VFX shots) Also if there is a option for offset 'in point' if there are framehandles on the VFX shot)
3- Replace - Put in group set it in the top stack. New Clip on top Old Clip bottom. (could be handy if you want to keep the original shot also)

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