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  1. Really looking forward to the upcoming release!
  2. Sad to hear, form a colorist point of view it would be such a big addition to the 'Fixed Vectors' Nice! ?
  3. Just a bold wish! Wouldn't it be nice to have a range selection within the fixed vectors? (see the mockup I made) Full, High , Mid, Low based on the range selection? Usercase: For example when I have a bright yellow object I can tone it down and shift the hue's only in the yellow highlights? This way I can match the yellow tint with the yellow shade. I know it can be done with a using a key to select the bright yellows. But it would be nice if this would be possible in another way. Also the way without a key gives you the possibility to shift more colours in just one layer. And if this could translate to LUT exports? ? For Look creation?
  4. @Yoav Raz For example I took the composite tool Fusion. Every node gives direct control over the opacity of that node, alpha control, RGB channel control ect. This works for all Fusion nodes and external OFX plugins. If we could have this control for every node in Mistika the timeline would be super clean, and less extra nodes means less extra work. Maybe it is not easy to incorporate within the technical structure of Mistika? For me it is a must have feature.
  5. This is a great tip thanks! Still a 'Blend with original' for every node would make compositing within Mistika much sweater.
  6. I am really needy for opacity settings within a node to tweak the desired effect. For instance one of the node's I often use is the '3D LUT' node, and it would be really nice if there was a way to adjust the intensity from 0 to 100. Also if I import assets it would be nice if I could directly tweak te opacity of that clip. For most compositors it is super common to adjust the 'level','intensity' or do a 'Blend with Original' of the node directly. I know this can be done with the '3D comp' node, only sometimes's I like to keep the timeline clean and I need to work fast. Since most of my projects are on a tight time budget this implementation would be super welcome.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Sure gonna take a look!!
  8. Best workaround. Asked the client to remove all ~ in the source media ?
  9. I still stumble upon 'Illegal Character' Problems only this time on export. I have media from a client with over 100 clips and in all clips there is a ~ character in the source clip name. Now the client want to have all clips back with the exact naming. Only ~ is a illegal character upon export from Mistika. Is there a way to easily do this without having to rename all the clips manually afterwards?
  10. Hey Cristobal, great to hear it is in the development pipeline. it would be great if the replace tool would be super flexibele. Just some bold wishes. ? 1 -Replace- Matching timecode 2- Replace - On 'in point' Timeline (would be super handy with VFX shots) Also if there is a option for offset 'in point' if there are framehandles on the VFX shot) 3- Replace - Put in group set it in the top stack. New Clip on top Old Clip bottom. (could be handy if you want to keep the original shot also)
  11. I am trying to replace one clip on the timeline without succes and I cant find out what I am doing wrong. I did replace clips in other projects without any problems, but this one is bugging me. 1- I am relinking the the "WOMAN%STEREO.mp4" (this comes from an external XML). Since the clip in the original version is a .mp4 I reconfirmed this clip to a prores "WOMAN_S.mov" If I try to relink the media I get "the metadata change dit not lead to any clip finding its media". Both clips are 30fps with exact the same length. Step 01 Step 02 Step 03 Clip Settings Original .mp4 Clip Settings Media .mov (when loaded on timeline) Are there other convenient way to replace clips within Msitika?
  12. Hey Yoav, the Aces ODT works quite ok, good to know there is no tone mapping applied by the unicolor I did some extra research on this subject and compared 'OpenColorIO' with the ARRI Rec 709 LUT and came to the conclusion it does the same transformation compared to 'ACES ODT' within Mistika which is super nice for a reliable workflow. Still the 'ACES ODT' and 'OCIO' are a bit to contrasty and oversaturated compared to the LUT provided by ARRI especially in the highlights. ARRI LUT VS ACES ODT ARRI Rec709 vs Mistika ACES ODT OCIO VS ARRI REc709 LUT
  13. I already made a topic last year about Rec709 -> sRGB and color transform regarding Unicolor. Now I am working on a TVC shot on a Alexa in LogC and if I transform Arri LogC to Rec 709 I get a super contrasty result with the Unicolor. Versus using a 3D LUT provided by ARRI. My question is why is there such a big difference in the transformation? I really like to use the Unicolor since it is not LUT based, but that is only possible if it got the transformations right. (or am I doing something wrong here?)
  14. So great to hear! I cannot wait to get my hands dirty on the next release!
  15. Hey Yoav & Cristobal, thank you for all options. The render preset with "i" "o" is the way to go. ? Still I really like a workflow with the least clicks as possible. Even better if there was a way to map a button of the panel to create a screenshot with a predefined setting to a predefined folder. Wishful thinking ? Love all the effort you guys putting in Mistika, all the progression and new tools is keeping me using this amazing piece of software!
  16. A simple screen dump of the grading would be so nice. Like in Fusion, while doing composting just by doing a right mouse click in the viewer, 'safe image'. Super easy, super fast. If something like that would be possible in Mistika it would make my working day shorter. ?
  17. I have been searching if there is a super fast way to export a active frame. And I found the saving a image from the 'Record Monitor' super nice and fast. Very often I have to deliver a .jpeg screenshot or I need to import a .tiff into another program. And it would be great if there was a way I could change the output of .dpx to another format. Is this possible?
  18. Hey Carlos, Thank you for the update! 1. I found the difference when exiting Mistika. With the 'Exit Mistika' button indeed it gives me the warning message. Only when I do a cmd+Q command (quit program on mac) it exits without saving. Since quitting a program with a shortcut is a habit, I lost some work this way. Would be great if this could have the same response as the 'Exit Mistika' button.
  19. My favourite super simple shortcut on the Timeline is holding 'Cmd' while dragging segments up and down. It keeps everything locked on the Y-axis so I don't accidentally move it in time.
  20. Hey Carlos, Right now if the Auto key button is 'off' and there are already keyframes on the mask the mask snaps back to the original state. Since key-framing is a extrapolation of the first (static) created mask, I would be great if the first state stays editable when the Autokey Function is "off". This is a quite common workflow in other 'Post/Roto' software and would be a great addition to Mistika. #whislist ?
  21. Thank you! i only mean something else with the 'Uber key' For instance, I have tracked this sticker an adjusted / animated the mask on top of the track. "screen 01" Now I want to keep all this animated data (track and mask animation and on top of this I want to expand the outside of the mask. See "screen 2" SCREEN 1 Tracked and animated mask SCREEN 2 Expanding the outside mask after other animated transformations. (this does not work and I snaps back when I turn of Autokey) I hope this makes it a bit clearer.
  22. First, I really love working with Mistika 10, the new color interface is amazing! Since I am fully over to Mistika, I found some quirks and have some questions regarding my workflow. 1 Save on quit - Is there a setting for this? Sometimes I quit Mistika and find out I lost the last version of the project and I have to go back to the last autosave. Right now if I quit Mistika it doesn't save the project or giving me a reminder to save it. 2 Uber Key - Very often I like to adjust a animated mask after tracking and animating different points. And it would be really handy if i could use a Uber key overruling all other key's. 3 Illegal Characters - Upon importing clips not all characters are allowed in a clip title for instance "09-COARSE_DIRTY-HAIR, DIRT, FLICKER.mov" does not link. (I admit using comma's is horrible) if I rename this to "grain.mov" it is working alright. Is there some info about what characters are not allowed in a clip/file name? 4 Mocha Pro - I really love to see OFX support for Mocha Pro 2020.5 this is just a bold wish.
  23. Since this is a topic about shapes mabye someone can help me sort out the following question. Is there a way to uberkey points from a shape when the shape is already animated with keyframes? Like creating a offset for a point. Right now when I track the shape and manually adjust points with keyframes I cannot do anything with the shape since it snaps back. It would be really great if I could still adjust the width, offset and selected points with a uberkey. Mabye I am missing something?
  24. Great insight! Thanks! This makes a lot of settings quite clear. One more question, the 'Max Cache Memory' setting is standard on 1024MB is this GPU of system RAM? And since I have 96GB System ram available what is the optimal ram cache amount?
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