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What is new in Mistika Workflows 10.1

Melanie Diaz

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Mistika Workflows 10.1 is now available


Hi all, a new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now available, bringing improved functionality enhancements with an even greater flexibility and customization of media management, transcoding and delivery processes. This upgrade can already be found in the Downloads section of your Online SGO Account.

This version is available at no extra cost to all Mistika Workflows active users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program.

New features:

  • New DCP packages (megapacks) node added
  • New hierarchy functionality for rendering
  • New Set Display Filter node option included
  • “Save In Library” option added to python Node’s menu
  • Drop Files support added into Python Nodes
  • Watcher delayed trigger updated to support megapacks


  • 2981 Set “none” in Set Display Filter node is now fixed.
  • 3014 The Python nodes now call the isReady function when changing properties.
  • 2994 The copy node is now working properly with single media files in Windows.
  • 3007 Transcoding a file with 16 audio channels generated in Mistika Boutique to H264 is now working correctly.
  • 3016 Improved the label of the main menu “Help”.
  • 2988 Files can now be properly removed from the Watcher node’s directory.
  • 2984  The Watcher node now properly renders files from the current directory.
  • 2995 Improved the Copy node when rendering a single media file in macOS and Linux.
  • 2996 The Sony RAW properties are now displaying correctly in macOS and Linux.
  • 3024 Enhanced the render when an image sequence task node is linked to a copy node in macOS.
  • 3015 Source metadata is now properly found in the renders.




  • Add include/exclude filters to Folder Node. 
  • Render Log changed to use Time Sort by default.
  • Write “From Input” instead of 0 in Properties that need input information such as fps or resolution.
  • Audio In/Out label changed for clarity.
  • Color Space node label renamed for clarity.
  • Transcoders audio default value for movies changed to "InMovie".


  • 2625 Projects are now properly saved when working on the macOS Catalina version.
  • Enhanced Watcher when working with files.

Fixes in macOS: 

  • 2941 Improved the Copy node when copying a recursive tree.
  • 2957 The Reduce factor from the Preferences Menu is now fixed.
  • 2939 The Node properties now match correctly with node properties in the Preference Panel.

Known Issues:

  • Mistika Workflows not working properly when setting "none" in the Set Display Filter node.
  • The Watcher node only renders the files from the first render.
  • The Watcher node stops working correctly when the files in its directory are removed.
  • The Copy node copies all the folder hierarchy when trying to copy only one file and it duplicates subfolders when you copy a folder tree.
  • Drag and drop is not working with R3D files in macOS.
  • R3D node does not recognize the R3D files if you search them with the directory field in macOS.
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