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What is new in Mistika Workflows 8.11.2

Melanie Diaz

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Mistika Workflows 8.11.2 is now available


Hi all,

An upgraded version of Mistika Workflows is now available, bringing users with functionality enhancements throughout the software, contributing to greater flexibility and customization of Media Management, Transcoding and Delivery processes.

Mistika Workflows is completely free of charge during the Open Beta period and available to everyone wanting to test-drive it and give their feedback on pre-release versions. Join the 30-day Open Beta program by clicking HERE.

New Features:

  • Automatic Color Space Conversion when transcoding media
  • Vimeo node: users can now automatically upload videos to Vimeo
  • New DNxHR node 
  • New Sony node
  • New Phantom node 
  • Phantom RAW support
  • RAW params added to Canon nodes
  • Recursive Watcher: Watch Folder node now supports subfolders
  • ToolBar Menu Customization. New menus in the Toolbar Menu can now be created and customized with Python Scripting
  • New parameters added in the Render Log and Validation Inspector tabs. With this new addition, messages in the Render Log and the Validation Inspector tabs can now be organized through the new information parameters.
  • Python Scripting command added allowing to delete nodes
  • New Input Media nodes grouped in MediaSequence and MediaMovie
  • New Help Viewer


  • Properties now display a label in the Properties Window
  • Padding parameter added to Frame block in NameConvention
  • Python Documentation link added to the Help menu
  • Render Log upgrade. The information coming from the Render Log tab is now compiled on a file that can be located in the path SGO Apps > Workflows > Render Log

Extended documentation:

  • Online SGO Mistika Python Extension Library. Python API Reference document can be found HERE.


  • Encrypted params property is now recognized when copying nodes
  • 2685 Display Filters created inside a Node can now be deactivated properly when changing the Display Tab to None
  • Frame.io default properties are now working correctly
  • Adding a Python Scripting to the Library is now possible without being duplicated
  • External Audio File is now working correctly
  • 2669 All the Nodes are now shown correctly in the Overview Window when setting up Mistika Workflows Interface to the standard size
  • 2629 The selection mode in Input nodes now displaying correctly
  • 2684 Virtual Slate information now working properly with renders in EXR format
  • 2640 Drag and drop an ARRI file into the ARRI Input node now works properly 
  • 2610 A destination URL for Folders can now be set manually
  • 2708 Enhanced the Properties tab in Cphantom File and Generic Codec inputs
  • 2678 The Email node is now working properly when using tilde in the text
  • 2710 Display Filters now works correctly with Phantom media
  • 2707 Importing sequences with Segment naming and Frame Number is now possible
  • 2722 The Email node now shows the path from the Input node and the option to “Insert your text here” where you are able to write your own text
  • 2733 The File node now works properly when drag and drop a file in it
  • 2629 The Selection Mode in the Input nodes now works correctly
  • 2737 The Trash node can now delete files and create folders properly
  • 2740 The Dst Path property for the MistikaLnk node is now fixed
  • 2724 The File option now appears correctly in the Nodes
  • 2742 Enhanced some properties of Transcoder Nodes such as the FPS and Resolution
  • 2718 The submenus in the Properties tab are now well displayed when using a 4K interface
  • 2739 The property “quality” used by QualityProfile codecs does not disappear anymore and is displayed with the correct name
  • 2757 The Tint parameter in the Canon File can now set negative values
  • 2760 Improved the option to drag and drop media to the Phantom input node in the Workflow panel
  • 2756 Enhanced the Properties tab aesthetics
  • 2765 The video and audio can be combined in the same node without creating interference
  • 2771 The padding now sets automatically
  • 2778 Linear ODT and Linear Custom are now the same linear color space in the Unicolor Tool
  • 2775 Upgraded the option to drag and drop media to RED node input
  • 2753 Canon CRM RAW Files can now be properly transcoded
  • 2769 Canon RMF RAW Files can now be properly transcoded
  • 2767 The Watchfolder now properly detects Folders with media inside
  • 2779 Image Sequences can now be rendered correctly from Sony RAW
  • 2743 A single frame can now be imported properly from a sequence of frames
  • 2773 The Audio in movie is now working correctly when rendering to DNxHD
  • 2716 Arx files are now supported
  • 2748 Enhanced Frame.io node aesthetics
  • 2754 Improved the Sharpen value in Canon RMF RAW File
  • 2719 The GUI Scaling options are now available in the basic mode of the Preferences Menu
  • 2780 Hyperlinks can now be opened correctly
  • 2777 The audio with two streams can now be properly rendered in Windows
  • 2808 The depth layer can now be properly extracted from EXR
  • 2795 Title and description written in the Vimeo node are now correctly uploaded to Vimeo
  • 2762 Improved Audio with AVI files
  • 2809 The RGBA layer is now properly recognized when importing an EXR file
  • 2791 The Watcher node now properly keeps the folder tree hierarchy when media is transcoded
  • 2591 The Path translator tool now links the audio correctly
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