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It'd be pretty interesting to include a simple node that modifies the resolution on the metadata thru the stream so we can setup "proxy" levels.
This way, it would make visually easier, for the workflows operator, to identify/build structures on the graph in cases like the following:









The graph above shows the following scenario:

If we wanted to use workflows a a system to receive renders from a department, and create all the proper full/low-res exr/movs versions for the studio to use,, at the moment, the output  resolution has to be set in each of the "output" nodes, which makes the graph difficult/slow/obscure to read & modify.
In case we had a longer graph built, where we include burnings to the low res, but not the thumb nor the full, and metadata injection only to the full, etc etc...
having this proxy nodes at the beginning of each branch would help in clarity, ease of reading and debug  of the graph.

This is a pretty simplistic example, but f think it show clearly the potential of this mini nodes and their modification of the metedata.




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Hi Miguel!

Thanks a lot for your much appreciated feedback. 

Next version of Mistika Workflows will be capable of down-scaling the resolution with different scaling options! That way users will have the possibility to create down-scaled proxys for the editing department or client reviewing with smooth playback (among other possibilities given this new feature). 




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