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What is new in Mistika Boutique 8.11.2

Melanie Diaz

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Mistika Boutique 8.11.2 is now available!


Hi all,

A new version of Mistika Boutique is now available adding support for the new RED Komodo 6K digital cinema camera together with license activation improvements and other stability enhancements made throughout the software. ?

This latest release is now available to all existing Mistika Boutique users at no additional cost and can be downloaded from their Online SGO Account.


New Features:

  • RED Komodo camera support. The libraries of the new RED Komodo 6K camera are now integrated into Mistika Boutique.


  • Enhanced SGO Activation Tool functionality. New “Offline mode” has been added to the SGO Activation tool, now allowing to activate licenses without an internet connection.


  • The Dolby Manager window now saves the preset of the Master and Target Monitor that was previously selected by the user.
  • The Reel Timecode is now set properly when selected by the user during the Conforming process of an EDL, XML, and AAF.
  • Mistika now shows the correct embedded Timecode when using AJA Video Board on timelines with frame rate set higher than 30 fps.
  • 2693 Fixed Random “Error 6000” during the rendering process.

Known issue:

  • It is not possible to use Filter Settings on the Keyer Tab of the Color Grade tool while working with R3D footage in Cuda New Decoder.
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Hi Rakesh

Thank you for reaching out.

At the moment, the development team is working on improving this feature as is a previous codec and they are working on implementing the new one in the upcoming versions.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions.


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