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Melanie Diaz

What is new in Mistika Workflows 8.11.0

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Mistika Workflows 8.11.0 is now available!

Hi all,

We have released an upgraded Open Beta of Mistika Workflows!

Mistika Workflows is completely free of charge during the Open Beta period and available to everyone who wants to test-drive it and give their feedback on pre-release versions. Join the 30-day Open Beta program by clicking HERE.

What is new in this latest version:

New features:

  • Input streaming now allowing to process batches of files sequentially. 
  • New folder node added, allowing to process directory trees recursively.
  • Extended file metadata for RAW & video formats. 
  • New properties management tool for editing visible node properties.
  • New property window reflecting the RAW metadata of a selected file.
  • Send Email node.
  • Updated Canon, ARRI and R3D codecs.
  • Lnk node added, allowing to generate “Mistika Lnk”   
  • New system to inject Python code using "<?py your code>"
  • New Activation Tool, providing facilitated management of Mistika licenses.


  • Improved access to Python console.
  • Accelerated performance of Move & Copy nodes.


  • 2494 Virtual Slate now working properly.
  • 2599 Fixed drag and drop feature for loading folders in macOS.
  • 2600 Fixed labeling in a folder node.
  • 2605 Mistika Lnk node now correctly creating the link in macOS.
  • 2278 Improved functionality of dropping a file in the workflow; Now the path can contain special characters, such as accents.
  • 2270 Fixed labeling of file properties.
  • 2604 Fixed segmentation when creating Mistika Links (macOS). 
  • 2601 Improved functionality of exporting ProRes files.
  • 2282 Clips with alpha channel are now supported. 
  • 2626 Connected links working properly with ARRI node.
  • 2627 Display Filters now working correctly.
  • 2630 Drag and drop media into empty Input node is now working correctly.

Known Issues

  • When opening the URL directory browser in the Input node, the selection of a file is not possible. The workaround for this issue is to drag and drop the media files from the OS explorer instead of creating the empty Input node.
  • macOS: Unsual size of the URL Properties menu window when opened for the first time.

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