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Workflow setup advice

Rakesh Malik

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I have a shoot coming up this weekend, with a small budget, which means that we probably will not have a DIT... so I'm thinking that it would be nice to set up a workflow to help with this.

What I'm hoping to do with the workflow is as follows. It doesn't have to be triggered automatically, and that might actually be a bit awkward to do with a watch folder due to the windows driver letter business anyway, which is outside your control. Hence the awkward part.

So my ideal would be:

Plug in the Red minimag reader and the SD card reader

Copy the audio + video to two drives

Load the video, sync the audio by time code

Embed the scene + take from the audio files into the camera metadata

Render ProRes proxies with production audio


I'd be fine with setting up the source and destination folders, and starting it manually, but it would be very helpful to have the rest automated.


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Hi Rakesh,

at the moment, we need to add the functionality to sync the by TC into the Workflows nodes. that should not be very difficult, as we currently have the functionality in Boutique.

about embedding the metadata, we would need more info about how it (what format does the audio have, and what metadata does it have, and where do you want to embed it 

I dont think we can do both things for these weekend, but we will add it to the software, so you will hopefully have it next time you need it


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