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What is new in Mistika VR 8.10.1

Melanie Diaz

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Mistika VR 8.10.1 is now available!


Hi all!

A new version of Mistika VR is now available providing new features and many other improvements. As usual, this version is available at no extra cost to all Mistika VR active users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program.



  • 2460 Improved Quick View mode when is activated.
  • 2284 When selecting the Clone Shot option in the Storyboard, the image cloned is now shown correctly.
  • 2468  Now the Activation Tool and the License Server runs correctly for all Mistika applications if Mistika VR is uninstalled.
  • 2499 Banding is no longer produced when working on extremely flat and noiseless image areas on macOS.
  • 2501 The speed to load sequences into the Timeline has been improved.



Mistika VR 8.10.1 Open Beta is now available!


New features

New Hotkeys added:

  • Match Colors: Ctrl + Shift + M 
  • Match Color in Time: Ctrl + Shift + N 
  • Improve Offsets: Shift + Z
  • Improve Angles: Shift + X 
  • Bake in Output Camera: Alt + B 
  • Next Keyframe:  Shift + Right 
  • Previous Keyframe:  Shift + Left
  • Remove Edge Point: Shift + Backspace 
  • Add Edge Point Left View: Ctrl + Shift + Left 
  • Add Edge Point Right View: Ctrl + Shift + Right


  • 2241 Using the Match color in time tool is now fixed.
  • 2212 A render in LatLong is loaded correctly in Mistika VR.
  • 2459 Improved reading ProRes 444 media.
  • 2243 Relink tool now works with MPEG-4 Quicktime files.
  • 2389 A sequence is saved with an appropriate TC in the timeline.
  • 2191 Upgraded Inject Spatial Metadata when is OFF in the Export window.
  • 2448  The ‘save single frame’ option now does create EXPORT folder in which is allocated the snapshot that this tool generates.
  • 2148 Full Resolution Stills for external stitch can now be created in ‘Quick view mode’.
  • 2293 The ‘Show Feather’ toggle is sync with the actual state.
  • 2429 Project fps is accurate when switching the fps parameter on the fly.
  • 2431 Pulldown menu in Project manager edit options is now available on the fly.
  • 2247 Refresh when changing project settings on the fly is now fixed.
  • 2236 Enhanced ‘Pixel Ratio’ with Optical Flow mode active.
  • 2414 Improvement: Hotkeys added for Match color and improved tools.
  • 2237 Import Stitch now opens the correct path in Windows systems.
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