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What is new in Mistika Boutique 8.10

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Hello everyone!

An upgraded version of Mistika Boutique is now available bringing users enhanced HDR workflows, expanded hardware support, exciting new features and many other improvements. As usual, all the upgrades added to Mistika Boutique are available to all active users at no extra cost as a part of SGO Loyalty Rewards Program.

In this video, you'll find explained in more detail what is new in this version:classic_happy:



  • 2412 OFX plugins are now shown properly in the FX Tab.
  • 2457 The “Modify Clip” attributes option in media file browser now works correctly in Windows. 
  • 2472 CP 2000 Tangent mapping added. 
  • 1735 Group navigation working properly now.
  • 2481 Fixed RGBA to RGB conversion for specific horizontal resolutions.
  • 2463 Fixed Playback of some particular audio wav files.
  • 2458 R3D partial restore relinking working properly now even when the first segment is missing. 
  • 2005 Trim and Ungroup functionality working correctly when conforming AAF. 
  • 2502 Fixed Precision Panel labels.
  • 2499 Fixed banding issue on macOS. 
  • 2478 When creating a Display Filter it appears correctly in the Display Filter menu. 
  • 2475 Edit attributes appearing correctly when a selection tool is used.
  • 2470 Fixed relinking behaviour with image sequences.
  • 2498 Expanded render naming options. 
  • 2217 ACES-ODT node working properly on macOS.
  • 2479 Export EDL2 naming option now available.




Mistika Boutique 8.10 Open Beta is now available!

New Features:

  • Blackmagic Design DeckLink I/O Support. BMD Desktop Video 11.3
  • Dolby Vision Support (Dolby Vision Workflow video tutorial can be found HERE)
  • External Render Farm Support
  • Precision Panel Support
  • New Subtitle Interface with expanded Configuration Options
  • Path Translation (Relink tool)
  • Customized Tangent Remap functionality
  • New RED SDK Support, now much faster using NVidia Cuda  (for Boutique Windows & Ultima Linux)


  • 2153 Improved Stereo 3D Dual link when outputting to UHD/4K resolutions in MacOS version.
  • 2313 ‘Use Insta360Pro calibrate’ option in the VR Stitch effect is now working properly.
  • 2402  Mute button in Window Tab when using Tangent Panels is now working correctly.
  • 2296 Improved importing of AAFs with Sapphire Effects in Default Configuration.
  • 2297 Improved importing of AAFs with Sapphire Effects with the Import unsupported effects parameter activated.
  • 2418 Fixed compositing with Comp3D effect.
  • 2305 Fixed Vector Paint working with Alpha Channel. 
  • 2306 Added Time Editor shape parameters in Vector Paint. 
  • 2310 Shortcuts added for bypass function in the Node Graph.
  • 2387 Floating window now shows accordingly to display resolution. 
  • 2437 Exporting EDL, EDL 2, filename and saving the file now working properly. 
  • 1964 When exporting EDL2 now use correct Record Timecode.
  • 2434 Improved behaviour of DNG raw files in Color and Framing. 
  • 2407 Fixed rendering of DPX clips. 
  • 2341 Improved behaviour of Paths while importing media. 
  • 2379 Second Video Output from S3D live mode to Dual Link now working properly. 
  • 2206 EDL 2 STC export issue fixed. 
  • 2426 Improved functionality of the CPL when preparing DCPs. 
  • 2328 Fixed rendering to ProRes 444. 
  • 2423 Support for ProRes on MXF files working properly now. 
  • 2397 TC now set correctly  in DPX clips. 
  • 2417 Fixed TC reading Avid MXF files. 
  • 2239 Relink of image sequences when conforming XMLs now working correctly. 
  • 2441 TC display in Global timecode ruler (in Time space) now working properly.
  • 2211 Improved when loading Canon decoder.

Known issues:

  • Tangent mapping management not working properly in this first Open Beta.
  • ACES-ODT not working correctly on macOS.
  • BMD Video Drivers need to be version 11.3
  • Wrong labels in some parameters in Precision Panel. Fixed in the next Beta.


License Activation: Your license can be activated either with SGO's Activation Tool or with the Activation Wizard located on SGO Website using one of the following options:

Option 1: 

  • Go to your SGO Online Account and make sure to be Loged in first.
  • Go to Activation Codes.
  • Click on the 'Activate' button situated next to the version you want to Install (See example below).


  • Follow the Instructions in the SGO Activation Wizard website.

Option 2:

  • Go to SGO Activation Wizard Website HERE. Make sure to be Loged in first.
  • Follow the instructions in the SGO Activation Wizard website.
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