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Requests for the Open Beta..

Miguel Angel Doncel

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Hi all, 

I am resuming the requests we have had from users to improve the functionality of the Open Beta. we are working to implement this functionalities during the open beta process.

  1. To add include and exclude filters to the watch folder.
  2. New Node to generate checksum files (md5)
  3. New Node to validate checksums (md5)
  4. the copy node to allow moving and not only copying
  5. Node to delete contents
  6. frame.IO integration
  7. to add quality param to the H26X codec.

these functionalities (or mist of them) will probably be added in the next open beta

We have also received some suggestions about managing audio, and spanned sequences, etc. Those ideas will have to wait a bit longer, as we need to analize them more in detail.

thanks everyone for the great feedback you are giving us!

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Hi all, This is just an update on what we are preparing for the next betas. Based on the feedback, here is the list of functionalities we are implementing/fixing:

  1. H264 codec names made clearer to make them easier to understand.
  2. A render warning is given if AudioCodec is set to None, but the transcoder node has audio inputs.
  3. A new "streaming universal paths" mode has been added to allow nodes to provide multiple outputs using a single connector.
  4. Move and Copy nodes now have an output to provide all the inputs in a single output connector to allow chaining actions to their output.
  5. Move and Copy nodes have been moved to Tasks group
  6. Some missing Qt libraries have been added to linux to give access from Python
  7. The workflows can now be queued from the overview window
  8. A new AutoRun mode starts automatically queued workflows
  9. Slack Integration

on top of this, we are working on a revamp to improve the amount of metadata exposed from the codecs, as well as improving the properties GUI, although these functionalities may not be available in the next Beta but the following one.

there are also some other requests we are studying but we can not give dates for them. they are:

  1. Linux installation failing if the user pwd has special characters.
  2. Improving the render progress indicator
  3. and maybe Pix Integration

Thank you all again for the great feedback, and please, feel free to keep giving us your requests for the product. we will be happy to try to make them happen!

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