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There was a previous discussion about improving the license tool to avoid the hiccups during the monthly renewal and when using Mistika on laptops why may change network settings.

I'd like to add one more request to that list - remote floating licenses, or at least little sibling licenses.

The scenario: My main grading system is in my office. However, since my office is a tad far from many of my clients, I started putting together a second laptop based system which I can take to client's offices for supervised sessions. Because I don't have network connectivity to my office when I'm at a client, under the current licensing setup I need to maintain two full licenses, even though I never use more than one at a time. That's an expensive solution.

Possibly solutions: 

1) Use a different floating license server that does not require a constant network connection

2) Allow each license to be installed on two systems (Adobe Creative Cloud includes two systems for similar reasons)

3) Offer second license at a discount (a sibling license, etc.)



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