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What is new in Mistika Boutique 8.8.2

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Mistika Boutique 8.8.2 is now available!

Hi Mistika Boutique Community!

Here you'll find the release notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features and upgrades added to Mistika Boutique are available to all Boutique active users at no extra cost :classic_happy:

New Features:

  • Video Board autodetection.
  • Added VLOG-L Mode Panasonic in Unicolor effect.
  • Support for Sony X-OCN codec.
  • Support for Neat Video version 5.


  • 2235 Change Request: Grade Effect has been renamed as Gradient.
  • 2250 VR Stitch Effect is now faster when more than 32 inputs are used.
  • 2277 Fixed XML conform issue with Framing and TimeWarps.
  • 2286 Change Request: Mistika now allows the configuration of the render with handles in frames rather than timecode.
  • 2291 Frame rates from some AAFs now can be loaded properly.

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