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What is new in Mistika VR 8.10

Melanie Diaz

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Mistika VR 8.10 is Now Available!

Hi Mistika VR Community!

Here you'll find the Release Notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features, new presets and upgrades are available to all Mistika VR active users at no extra cost as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program.

In this video, you'll find explained in more detail "What is new in Mistika VR 8.10" :classic_laugh:

New Features:

  • Stitch feather parameter for an individual camera is supported.
  • GPU RAM usage optimized, reduced from 40% to 60%. This allows working at higher resolutions on smaller GPUs.
  • Scale factor to resize the GUI in Mistika VR options.

New Presets:

  • New preset added: Panono
  • New preset added: Teche Phimax3D
  • New preset added: Teche TE720
  • New preset added: iZugar Z4XC


  • Loading timeline is now faster
  • Switching between shots is now faster
  • Kandao 3420x2700 resolution supported
  • Insta360 Titan support improvements
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