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How to export the audio track with the Insta Pro 2 cameras

Rocio Del Pino

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Hi Mistika Users,

The Insta Pro 2 now saves the audio in origin_6_lrv.mp4 file directly. If you need to export with the high-resolution files the audio track please, follow the next workaround:

1. Import the high-resolution files
2. Do the stitching jobs. 
3. Once you have your stitching ready, import the origin_6_lrv.mp4 file as camera number 7. 
4. Select in the clip stack the origin_6_lrv.mp4 file.
5. Go to 'Input camera' control tab and do click on 'enable' to turn off the camera. As you can see the audio speaker can be selected in the clip stack so now you are ready to export your sequence with audio. Ensure the speaker in the clip stack is ON in the origin_6_lrv.mp4 file.





6. In the rendering process, do not forget to select the option for audio 'in movie'  ?




Note: Mistika VR does not really process the audio, only pass it trough.

I hope it helps,


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