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What is new in Mistika VR 8.8.8

Melanie Diaz

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Hi VR Community! Mistika VR 8.8.8 is Now Released and the Release Notes are available as well.

As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and presets are free of charge for all existing Mistika VR Users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. Also, this functionality will also be available in the Evaluation version.


New features & New Presets:

1.Insta360 Pro2 camera support: Mistika VR is now able to stitch Insta360 Pro 2 footage at the highest level of precision due to the newly incorporated Insta360 Pro 2 calibration libraries.

2. Kolor Autopano Giga integration*: Mistika VR can open APG with a set of frames exported, and read the calibration from the .pano file created by APG.

3. PTGui 11 support: The new format is supported. MistikaVR now implements the new “fisheye factor parameter” introduced by PTGui 11.

4. Vuze XR camera support: Single movie with dual video track supported.

5. Vuze XR camera presets for VR1803D and VR360 modes added.

6. Detu Max camera preset added.

7. PiSoftTech Pilot Era camera preset added.

8. Insta360 One X camera preset added.

9. ZCam K1 camera 2120x1248 resolution preset added.

10. 360Rize SeaDak camera preset added.


The complete guide on how to use Autopano Giga files in Mistika VR can be found here: https://bit.ly/2L8b7nU


  • Licensing stability improvements.
  • Improvements in the Project Settings Editor


1995 To cancel Edit mode in the Project Manager window was not allowed.

1970 Making too much zoom in the timeline was causing troubles on some occasions.

1979 Loading pointer was shown in the Relink Window.

1978 The Relink window was inaccessible when changing a project with offline media.

1976 ProRes rendered files was not containing metadata for color information.

2032 Anti Aliasing issue has been fixed.

2021 An environment was not replacing a new name after a relinking process.

2030 The camera order on the import process was incorrect.

2034 Render option to MP4 is now added in the video render menu.

2043 The Activation tool was not recognizing the license server and internet connection.

2050 The automatic launcher system after installing a license first time was creating some issues.

2072 Keyframing edge points feature is back.

2089 PTGui 11 support: Any Lens model can be imported without any problem.

PTGui11 support: Fisheye parameter import fixed.

Cache green bar drawing fixed.

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