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PTGUI can not find images

Guest Joost B

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Guest Joost B


I'm new to Mistika, and still learning, but I run into a problem that I can not find in the tutorials or the quick guide, so I hope someone can help me.

I have an indoor scene with a lot of close objects for which the automatic stitching does not work well enough so I want to use PTGUI to do manual stitching. When I click Stitch-->External Stitch PTGUI starts, but I get the error message that says 'File not found C:\Program Files\SGO Apps\Mistika VR\bin\D:/<<My project folder>>/EXPORT/Image0000.jpg'

In the tutorials PTGUI opens correctly and in the Quick Guide I see one line saying I need to make an export of the image set. But it does not explain how.

So can someone tell me how to get the images into PTGUI or point me to a tutorial that show it?


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