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What is new in Mistika VR 8.8.7

Melanie Diaz

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Hi all, As promised, Mistika VR 8.8.7  Release Notes are now available. As usual,  all the exciting new features, improvements and presets are free of charge for all existing Mistika VR Users as part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. After the Official release, this functionality will also be available in the evaluation version.  

New features:

1. Keyframe animation: Long requested by the users, finally coming!

  • Every parameter of the stitching can be now animated.
  • To enable animation, select a parameter and use the “add keyframe” from its contextual menu. Any further modifications to this parameter at different times will automatically add new keyframes.
  • The output camera heading and edge point positions can be animated dragging over the image, once they were converted to animated.
  • For the selected parameter, keyframe marks will be shown in the timeline bar.
  • The keyframes in the timeline bar can be moved in time using ctrl+drag on them.
  • Selecting the keyframe marks in the bar will snap the time position precisely to that of the keyframe.
  • There are now “next key” / “prev key” buttons in the toolbar.

2. Insta360 Pro calibration tool now included. The “use Insta360 Pro calibration” is not simply a calibration import, like in the previous release. This tool actually calls the calibration tool provided by Insta360, for the frame you are viewing in the moment of using it. This allows an easy selection of a good calibration frame, as the calibration results can be seen immediately applied in MistikaVR.

3. Insta360 One now supported:

  • New Flip Horizontal parameter added, necessary to support Insta360 One camera.
  • New preset for Insta360 One added.
  • KanDao QooCam presets added, for both VR3D180 and VR360 mode.


4. Vertical Alignment tool: The Experimental tool allowing precise human-assisted alignment especially for VR180 shots, where there are not yet good automatic tools available.



Much faster loading of the timelines: Storyboard icons are now saved with the timeline, and restored at the load, avoiding a costly access and recalculation of all the shots in the timeline just to recreate the storyboard.

Reorder Kandao utility now supports Obsidian Go camera.  



  • 1385  Tiny planet output camera mapping fixed.
  • 1539  Progress bar of audio render now shows correct “fps” values.
  • 1556  The rendered clip numbers now do match the shot numbers in the storyboard.
  • 1571  Overlapping license & media offline pop up message issue.
  • 1607  “Inject VR Metadata” now works in “render all shots” mode.
  • 1641  Project manager overlapping window in full-screen mode.
  • 1671  Progress bar: Calculation of estimated remaining time is now more precise.
  • 1672  Persistence of storyboard icons is broken (all products).
  • 1675  If more than 32 cameras are added, an edge point appears, is impossible to remove.
  • 1587  Problem when importing files from a path with symbols in the name.
  • 1632  Keyframes disappears after stabilization.
  • 1638  SGO icon is cropped in the installer window.
  • 1642  Vuze media change the format and fps of the active project.
  • 1648  Reorder Kandao utility does not work with some files structures.
  • 1650  No spaces in the project name allowed.
  • 1652  Issues with image stack importation.
  • 1538  GUI scaling issues in UHD.
  • 1655  Refresh issue in Clip Stack icons.
  • 1659  Import Kandao calibration tool does not work with merged sequences.
  • 1657  Wrong information in the color grading tools.
  • 1658  Pressing enter in the render window opens the config codec.
  • 1661  cmd hotkeys related to OSX does not work.
  • 1664  Merge tool does not work with GoPro files.
  • 1665  Viewer does not come back to B&W Anaglyph after a positioning action.
  • 1662  Doesn't work if User is not admin in Windows systems.
  • 1680  Mistika VR - FPS is wrongly shown in the VE.
  • 1682  Import Kandao Calibration does not say anything when it fails.
  • 1667  At the start, loading an autosave, the “load” points to autosave folder, not to DATA.
  • 1666  Progress bar of audio render shows very low "fps" number.
  • 1561  When stepping in the storyboard using shift+ left/right arrow, there is a small window flashing in the corner.
  • 1733  License server crash.
  • 1813  The installation of the Mistika VR plugins is missing (Paint, Title y Warp).
  • 1638  SGO icon is cropped in the installer window.
  • 1648  Reorder Kandao utility does not work with some files structures.
  • 1655  Refresh issue in Clip Stack icons.
  • 1787  Custom presets for resolution projects disappear when restarting Misitka VR.
  • 1679  Crash when launching the License Server.
  • 1661  cmd hotkey-related to OSX does not work.
  • 1855  H265 lossless codec in 8K does not work in Premiere Pro. The lossless mode is a bit problematic because it can generate very high bitrates, which exceed the format specifications. Using quality or bitrate constrained versions of the nVidia HEVC codec, should work.
  • 1845  IN and OUT wrong behavior.
  • 1877  Autoload the last environment used.
  • 1780  Missing .vrenv extension with Chinese characters.
  • 1734  Edge point keyframes not refresh.
  • 1927  Canon Raw files cannot be loaded.
  • 1838  Timeline zoom reset when using IN/OUt marks.
  • 1689  Process with yellow marks does not start when selecting the last frame in a shot.
  • 1665  Viewer does not come back to B&W Anaglyph after a positioning action.
  • 1587  Problem when importing files from a path with symbols in the name.
  • 1710  Show one input mode could show a black image if left only or right only cameras used.
  • 1963  Some camera icons are lost after disable an input camera in Stereo shots.
  • 1969  The SGO Activation tool does not open without a license.
  • 1710  Show One Input option shows a black image in one of the eyes in VR 180.
  • 1844  A installation fails when trying to install an older version.
  • 1952  Audio exported file wrongly labeled.
  • 1972  Style.ccs file is removed in the SGO Activation tool when uninstalling an app and others SGO apps are kept in the system.
  • 1945  Kandao calibration tool does not work properly in Windows OS.
  • 1658  Pressing enter in the render window opens the config codecs window.
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