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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! We have released an upgraded version of Mistika VR. You can download now this new version from your Online SGO Account. New features KanDao 60 fps resolutions: 5616x2012 and 6016x2012 support Fixes Fixed move interface between different resolution monitors.
  2. Hi everyone, An upgraded version of the industry’s favourite VR stitching solution Mistika VR is now available, adding PTGui 12 integration and support of Kandao’s latest camera, the Obsidian Pro. This latest release is now available to all existing Mistika VR users at no additional cost and can be downloaded from their Online SGO Account. New features Support for KanDao Obsidian Pro Integration and support for PTGui Fixes Fixed “Source Name” option when rendering ZCam media.
  3. how to remove a tripod in a 3d stereo VR Media in Boutique? This link only talk about how to do it in a 2d mono vr video, but how can i remove a tripod in 3d stereo vr video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvcA5tyjgh0&list=PLPxezwaoLh17R5y1_3AL0VDl5Mqz9fFid&index=2&pbjreload=10 It's confused me for a long time.... will be really grateful~!
  4. Is there something similar to Nuke's Spherical Transform or After Effects polar coordinates in Mistika Boutique. I've tried all of the distorts to no luck. Looking for a way to tranform latlong stitched footage into 180 fisheye.
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