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  1. Hi everyone! We have released a major upgrade of Mistika Workflows, that features new integrations with external applications, incluiding AWS S3, Dropbox, Vimeo and YouTube, as well as additional nodes and advanced features. This version is already available on your Online SGO Account. New Integrations Dropbox - Easily upload and download media to your Dropbox account directly from Mistika Workflows. TUTORIAL AWS S3 - Automatically upload and download media to your Amazon Web Services S3 storage directly from Mistika Workflows. TUTORIAL Vimeo - Upload your media automatically to Vimeo. TUTORIAL YouTube - Upload your media automatically to YouTube. TUTORIAL New Nodes and Features classifyByMetadata node - Filter your input, such as a folder, watch folder, or FTP, based on the metadata associated with it. TUTORIAL jsonCurvesData property added to RndFile - This new option enables you to use RND files created in Mistika Boutique, Ultima, or VR as templates to batch apply the effects or manipulate its parameters directly in Mistika Workflows. changeCurvesData node - New node allowing the modification of the FX parameters of the RND input. classifyByAge node - Filter the input files by its existence time/lifespan. scaleResolution node - This node allows you to modify the size and resolution (by pixel and percentage) of your media when transcoding. addRoot property added to input folders - A new parameter added to the input folders that allows you to preserve the internal folder structure when transcoding media. This makes it easier to automatically create the corresponding folders in the destination. setUPmetadataFrom node - This node enables you to add metadata from one universal path to another, which can be particularly useful when certain processing tasks don't maintain your media's metadata. This is especially helpful for managing RND files. For example, if you have a clip that you are processing and you want to ensure that it retains its metadata, you can set up a separate metadata source using this node. mdataFrom connector added to rndFile - A new connector added to the RND files to add the metadata from the setUpmetadataFrom Node. Comp3D node - This new functionality allows you to easily create simple compositions with a background or foreground directly within Mistika Workflows. WF-I-10 dcp, dcpReel and dcpCompliantFile support mp3 node - Added input/output support for .mp3 files. Python Updates New auxCode property ftp::translateFinalFilePath(self,filePath) exposed to auxCode Cworkflow::isProcessing added to Python MediaFileInfoData exposed to Python UP MediaFileInfoData getter and setter added to Python NameConventionItem exposed to Python NC removeItemAt, insertItemAt,appendItem added Mistika.app.getResolutionNames() added Mistika.app.getResolutionNames(string name) added Connector::setRemovable added to Python Connector::isRemovable added to Python Frames to Fields interpolation type added Fixed bugs The issue causing a creation of undefined additional folder when certain tokens (such as Resolution X/Y) were used for rendering is now fixed. "Production" token no longer interferes with token creation. Custom transcoding resolution is now properly read by X/Y resolution token. The ending "/" for FilePaths is now correctly placed when paths are loaded through the GUI. Fixed an issue caused by the Split node with certain unsupported formats. Move node functionality has been corrected and files are now properly moved instead of deleted. EXR files are now correctly scaled when using the rescale within the transcoding panel. Fixed Export Single frame feature. XAVC TC is now managed correctly. FileName and ClipDirectory are now correctly written by CSV. Fixed XDCAM audio channels management. R3D files can now be correctly managed from Watcher and Folder nodes. Fixed rendering with name conventions for sequential files. Fixed functionality of the properties panel when Mistika Boutique is installed after Mistika Workflows. Resolved the issue that reset the project to null when a project was changed in Mistika Boutique. Checksum node now functions correctly. Fixed an issue with changing file paths in the inputs nodes manually. Fixed a crash that occurred when multiple workflows were running and were stopped. Fixed an issue that prevented conversion to interlaced R3D files when Open CL was set. Classify by metadata feature now works properly with 24, 25 and 50 fps. Mistika will now function correctly on Linux when an RND is rendered by the Mistika render node. ExportSingleFrame and Enable Frame Range features in the task nodes now work properly. Known bugs Vector Paint coming from Mistika Boutique is not rendered correctly by Mistika Workflows. Conversion from RAW media to XAVC may result in an "Invalid Gamut selected. Only rec.709 and rec2020 are supported (Windows only). Rendering from DNG may result in a more contrasted image than the original. MistikaRender may create an incorrect FilePath when the workflow is launched.
  2. Hi all, A new version of Mistika VR is now available adding new improvements. This version is already available in the Downloads section of your SGO Online Account. Fixed Bugs and Improvements: Projects created in the 10.5 version of Mistika VR are now compatible with the new features introduced in 10.6 - Render Options and CDL Grade. Autocalibrate "Error 6" and "Error 3" now displays clearer messages. Fixed issue related with overwritten files in Name Convention when installing additional Mistika Technology software. Insta360 Pro 2 Audio.mp4 files are now supported with the “Import Stabilization metadata” feature. Fixed issue rendering formats with 4444 Image. The Streaming driver is now stopped when the remote session is disconnected.
  3. Hi everyone! We have released a massive upgrade of Mistika Workflows, adding several new smart features to further optimize content delivery processes and take Metadata Management to a whole new level. This version is already available on your Online SGO Account. New Features Extended render metadata support - Adding metadata export to XMP and CSV formats. To learn how to manage metadata in Mistika Workflows, take a look at this TUTORIAL. Edit Metadata Node - With this node, you are now able to modify and/or add file’s metadata. New tokens system added to Name Conventions - Dynamic tool, enabling tag autofill in name convention. You’re able to select among several different tokens, such as resolution, color space or framerate and they’ll be part of the destination path or render name. These tokens can be added by using square brackets [example]. When you create the first bracket you get a drop-down menu with the different tokens, write or select the one you want and the bracket will close automatically. To learn how to use these dynamic tokens, check this TUTORIAL. Additional tag fields available for Name Conventions Auto-filler for the FilePath items Smart Conform Filtering - To facilitate and speed up the deliveries, Mistika Workflows now allows you to perform the Conform only deploying the files that have been used in the final edit, being able to filter from XML, EDL or AAF files. To learn more about how this feature works, have a look at this TUTORIAL. Crop Node - Crop the image or the RGBA channels separately, or add a soft cut. Rescaling Functionality - Mistika Workflows is now able to automatically apply framing feature to your media, including resolution change, transform, rescale and crop. 3D LUT Node - Apply any look-up-table to your media automatically. The 3D LUT’s can either be generated in Mistika Boutique or in (any) other relevant program. To learn more about how to apply 3D LUT automatically, check out this TUTORIAL. Stitch Refiner - This new functionality enables you to refine your optical flow stitching of the .rnd files, automatically applying match color and geometry. STMaps Node - Applies STMaps to its corresponding cameras. Classify by Extension Node - This new node enables you to automatically filter and manage your files by extensions. The extensions can be added/removed by your preferences. Render farm integration adding Deadline support - Rendering tasks can now be handled directly by the Deadline render farm. To see how to set up the Deadline in Mistika Workflows, check this TUTORIAL. Bypass Functionality added to nodes; Watcher Node cache file - Intelligent system to prevent duplicating the tasks when modifying the workflow. Movistar 8.3 - Mistika Workflows now supports the entire delivery pipeline according to the latest standards of Movistar. winSMBcopy Node (Windows only) - Enabling Move & Copy of the files to the network location. JoinFile Node - Enables automatic merge of selected frame ranges. SplitFile Node - Enables automatic split of selected frame ranges. To learn how to use Join and Split nodes, take a look at this TUTORIAL. rndFile Node - .rnd files are now supported in Mistika Workflows. New Codecs 7thSense DNxHD opAtom FUJI RAF Other Improvements Improved GUI responsiveness when rendering Ipp2 params added to RED Node Upgraded CableLabs Node: Strict property added IsDownloadable and IsStreamable added to non strict CableLabs 1.1 Source added to non strict CableLabs 1.1 FTP Node upgrade: protocol property added Mail node moved to outputs Trash color connected to AreYouSure property Python Improvements: sgoPaths.apps exposed to python Python Modules Offline Installation getAffinity and giveBackAffility functions added to workflow UP getMetadata and readMetadataFromFile exposed to py PYTHON_HOME env variable not used anymore. new MISTIKA_PYTHON added setSupportedTypes implemented in python nodes Enhanced Line Commands Support: Autoload Folder Long parameters support -r param changed to work as in other Mistika products (autoload changed to -A) Check out Mistika Workflows playlist on YouTube to see all the tutorials.
  4. Hi everyone! We have released a new version of Mistika VR, introducing live output to VR headset* and color space conversion functionality. You can now download this latest version from your Online SGO Account. *The VR Headset Preview functionality is supported through the integration of DeoVR, a platform-agnostic and completely free of charge VR player. Also, all active subscribers and the ones who signed up during the open beta period got the Headset feature included in their subscriptions free of charge as a part of the SGO Loyalty Program (even in the personal editions). New features VR Headset Preview: Mistika VR users are now able to preview stitched VR media without the need of rendering in the headsets using the output to DEO VR player. Color Space Conversion: Color Science has been added to Mistika VR, enabling the setting of the input/output gamma and gamut with all the industry-standard color spaces, including ACES. Input and output gamma/gamut may differ, making possible delivery in a color space different from the source media. STMap Integration: Facilitating the workflow between Mistika VR and compositing softwares such as Nuke, the newly added STMaps provide all the stitch information, not only geometry, but also optical data. RAW debayer parameters exposed: Media in RAW format now allows RAW data adjustments (debayer, sharpening, ISO etc, depending on camera model). Fixes A short segment can now be properly stabilized without turning the image black. The “source name” render option now works correctly with the ZCam input media. Sync by TC of one shot breaking other shots present, is now fixed. Changing stereo mode in Mistika Boutique no longer affect the stereo mode in Mistika VR. Improvements Some new presets added. All existing stitches and presets will now automatically update their list of parameters (adding gamma/gamut, K1,K2,K3 lens distortion per camera, some others) An error message is displayed if the metadata stabilization is not imported correctly. Known issues Teche media performance in Windows is slower than in previous versions. When logging in the SGO Activation Tool, please wait a couple of seconds before opening the Advanced Mode. Mistika VR interface does not display correctly on the latest Monterrey macOS version when Firewall is activated. How to enable VR Headset preview in Mistika VR? 1. Right next to the VR view icon you will notice a brand-new HS button. When you click on it, a pop up window will appear, instructing you to copy your computer IP website address and paste it in the DeoVR player. 2. Open the DeoVR player on your preferred platform and paste the IP address. If you do not have the DeoVR player installed yet, click here and install the application. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to use the same network connection for both - the workstation where you run the Mistika VR on and the VR Headset where you want to see the preview. 3. Make sure that you click the play button in Mistika to get the video output in DeoVR.
  5. Hi everyone, A new release of Mistika Workflows is now available. This latest upgrade introduces many new and improved functionalities, additional task and input nodes and several other exciting enhancements throughout the software. What is New in Mistika Workflows 10.2.1? Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version: Complex media delivery packages (“Megapacks”) New support for Panasonic 8KP2 media packs, including import/export from/to P2 and 8KP2 cards, XML metadata modification, P2 serial number assignment, and copying to multiple (x5) 8KP2 cards according to the 8KP2 standard. Also with capabilities for joining media packs and the option for generating tapeName from Panasonic user bit data. Creation of ADI v1.1 and ADI v3.1 (SkyADI) media delivery packages (client customizable nodes) Support for Sony XDROOT as an input node. New codec support Panasonic AVC intra: Import / Export MXF XAVC: Import / Export BRAW: Blackmagic RAW files Import .ts and .m2t import Flow control New Auto Trigger node: A periodic timer to trigger the execution of pending workflows via definable time interval. New Serialize inputs node: To send multiple input nodes to a single task node, avoiding the need of duplicating the whole pipeline. “Add Root” property added to the Watcher node (active by default). When active, it permits to keep the original folder tree structure of the incoming files, passing the full paths to the next nodes. Not otherwise. “Delete after processing” property added to the Watcher node, for automatic deletion of input files once the workflow has been completed. Render Logs are now created on separate files, including the date/time of creation in their names. Name Convention Highly improved Name Convention, with support for additional syntax fields extracted from media metadata (Tape Name, Color Space, …) Now a different Name Convention can be applied to each workflow. Encoding nodes now include the addTimeStamp option within the properties panel. Name Convention can be also defined on Input nodes. File transfer nodes FTP: New properties “Delete After Transfer” (and “Are You Sure”), “Include / Exclude”, “New Files Only”. Also a RenameFileList for automatic renaming options. Aspera Client: New targetRate property, allowing the user to define how much bandwidth he wants to dedicate to Aspera file transfers. There is also a new SSL Certificate login property, and a new RenameFileList property for automatic renaming. RAW extraction from camera formats Camera RAW nodes (ARRI/R3D/Canon/Sony..) now have a Debayer (From file/ Custom) property, to select between using default debayering extraction or custom settings. Transcoding nodes The interlaced property now also supports “From Input” Transcoding nodes are now able to overwrite clip’s TC. All transcoding nodes now allow changing the Tape Name in the Properties panel. “Drop Frame/Non Drop Frame/Auto” property added to transcoding nodes. Common resolution presets added to transcoding nodes. Miscellaneous New display filter “Watermark'' easy to customize at workflow execution time, either by using a .CSV file (pyCSVtoDFILT node) or by filling the Header/Body/Footer text properties (pyWatermarkCfg node). Python source code is provided to serve as an example about how to modify display filters. ConcatXLS: Merges various XLS files in one. XLS is a popular format for asset management but usually comes in multiple .xls files, and this node permits to concat all of them. Retimer added to transcoders unlocking three new ways of the frame rate modification and conversion. Important Note: Python Libraries are now compatible with macOS Mojave.
  6. Hi everyone, An upgraded version of Mistika Boutique is now available with Dual Output for Dolby Vision FX, a new “Switch to second video track” option added to Macros... and so much more! Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version: New features Dual Output for Dolby Vision FX enabling the Dolby Vision FX to be applied in only one monitor with original media being displayed in the other one. A new “Switch to second video track” option added to Macros, displaying the video tracks that are hidden in some cameras, such as Qoocam or Vuze for example. Fixes Fixed “TC Rules”/Timeline TC in the output tab. Improved behaviour of the qualifier. R3D folder structure is now recognized correctly, so the Media Browser can be used accordingly to import R3D files. (Tangent) Shapes are now being displayed in the correct vector. Audio parameters can now be propagated correctly between clips. Shapes are no longer being eliminated when deleting a parameter. Shape points can now be moved individually when the tracking is complete. Alexa Mini mxf files can now be read correctly. Fixed focus behaviour when copy/paste in Color grade. Fixed rendering of the Mainconcept AVC Intra 200 P2 codec. TC in audio clip is now being kept correctly when audio and video are separated by A/V break. The Timeline TC is now correctly refreshed when navigating by using the shortcuts Next/Prev Edit. The default option of the embedded Scope in Color grade is now correctly set to input. The selector to change the LUT is now always visible in the Time editor. Fixed behaviour of the Precision color control panel when performing tracking and navigating to Fixed Vectors. Fixed behaviour of the Precision panel when using the ring to modify the Hexagon values. Cache color indicator is now being refreshed in a cached clip when the color grade is modified. EDL files containing characters with accents now work properly. Fixed re-analysis functionality in Dolby Vision FX. Fixed an issue related to a split in the SDI output when a P2 file was displayed. Fixed Copy/Paste functionality: users are now able to correctly copy and paste shapes and grades between shots. French accents are now correctly displayed in EDL files. Fixed moving around the Timespace’s tracker tab to proceed one frame only. The cursor in Qualifier is now displayed properly. Fixed rendering of DNxHR 444 format. Mistika can now read .ts and .m2t files properly. The list of loaded LUTs in the color grade is now correctly saved. The default result size is not affecting the cache behavior anymore. The “Undo” command now works correctly in “Offset” and “Contrast” mode. The Keyframe Graph is not affected anymore by zoom-ing in when the visual editor is zoomed by the arrow keys. Fixed behaviour of the Zoom-in functionality in Visual Editor when the Keyframe Graph is open. Non Drop frames in Phantom formats are now properly recognized.
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