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  1. Thank you! Good function, i think i will use this
  2. I could not find information anywhere, what is the difference between master and draft render?
  3. I understand the principle of work outside mode "inv HSL" and I think this is useful feature
  4. the same key, but outside mode "inv HSL". Why mistika inverted key? What logic did you put into this transformation?
  5. I poorly formulated the question. For example, this is my key, outside mode "inv mask"
  6. There was a problem, Mistika does not save timeline changes. Autosave is working fine, "save as" too. But if I just save, turn off the program, start again, I find myself at the start of the previous session
  7. In arri.raw I saw, if I work with R3D are prores How can I work with anamorph correctly?
  8. How to interpret material from anamorphic optics? in arri.raw settings there is a corresponding setting on how to work with another video correctly?
  9. Thank you a lot, I'II do it
  10. for the selected folder, set full rights to all users, but the cache status is still red. Maybe I didn’t do something in the permissions of the folder?
  11. My cache does not work. Initially, in the project settings, I indicated the folder on the disk that was intended for the cache. When this function did not work, I tried to open the project with the factory settings, but the result is the same, the icon is always red. What could be the problem and what additional information is needed to solve it?
  12. sorry, are you planning to add this feature?
  13. Clear alpha work, thank you!
  14. There is a problem with the sapphire plugin. If I use it on a stack where there is no alpha channel generation by any of the plugins, then everything is fine. If I want to use alpha from the colorgrade node or I have an effect, such as noise reduction, then the plugin does not work correctly. What is the problem and how to solve it?
  15. Thank you! I will deal with the possibilities Channels. Can I mute 2-3 layers at once in Color grade page?
  16. Do mistika 10 have an instrument the same channel mixer in photoshop?
  17. Hi, Can I timeline render with Mistika workflow?
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