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  1. On 12/23/2019 at 12:15 PM, cbolanos@sgo.es said:

    a similar tool has already been requested!


    This would really speed the workflow up!
    Especially when I am grading a big project, with for instance +500 shots and I need to do little tweaks on the primary correction I can race trough the shots.

    It would also be nice if there was also the option 'select name'. 
    Because then I could name a Vector Layer for instance 'Skintone' and while skipping trough the grades I could do a super fast correction on the already exisiting 'Skintone' Layer.

    This is just a wild whislist request ?




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  2. Is there a way to to tell Mistika what layer should be selected when going from shot to shot in the Color Grade Interface?

    It would be nice if I had the following options to choose from
    1 - First Vector
    2 - Last Vector
    3 - Same Vector  (if for instance Vector layer 3 is selected it keeps at the same level while switching shots)
    4 - Last Selected Vector

  3. Small addition to this great function.

    It would be super nice to have a 'Locate' button to instantly jump to the 'Finder' / 'Explorer'

    Something like this?


    Or with a right mouse click 'Locate' on the Clip would also do. ?

    Or is there another quick way I don't see?


  4. On 12/9/2019 at 6:08 AM, jan1 said:

    You also have a big learning curve on Mistika ahead of you. I've done a dozen or so client projects now, and I'm getting faster and using more of the system now.

    Yes, there is a lot to take in! Some things that are quite easy on another platforms are quite tricky in Mistika and vice versa.
    Right now I am test-driving Assimilate Scratch and Mistika Boutique to see what serves me the best after coming from Resolve.

    I really love the experience of color-grading in Mistika, especially with the full Tangent Elements Setup, it's like driving a Ferrari 'super fast an intuitive'.

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  5. Since I am also working with a Wacom I remember removing the annoying circle when you clicked something in Windows, where I had to dive into the register to disable it.
    Bizarre that you have to pick a older driver to get it to work properly. 

    I hate to lose time managing system related problems while I have to focus on a grade.


  6. Thank you for your insight Jan. How is your experience in stability these days with Windows? Since I have horrible memories of keeping the whole setup stable in the past.  

    I am gonna use it for 50% Mistika and 50% in BM Fusion. 

    If there would be a good focus on the new Mac Pro and on the AMD GPU I would be super happy.



  7. Since my current setup is getting annoyingly slow I am looking to buy or build a new machine around Mistika Boutique.

    The biggest issue I have is the fact that I love to work within MacOs and don't like the messy Windows interface.
    On the other hand I would have no problems building a Window machine because it save's me 50% of the total price compared to a new Mac Pro.

    My questions are:

    The MacPro Route - How will the support be for the new Mac Pro, since it is using a AMD GPU (Vega II with 32GB looks very promising)
     And wil the 'Afterburner' card be supported in the future? Since I got the feeling that Mistika is more Window's focused?

    The Windows Route - I know that Mistika is a GPU driven software system and for stability you advise to use a Quadro Card since it is tested that way.
    On what other components does Mistika Boutique run best or what is the basic setup for a custom build Mistika Boutique workstation
    It would be really nice to know what motherboards or CPU's are preferred or used in the systems to develop/debug Mistika Boutique.
    So I can build a super stable workstation.






  8. Yes, within the terminal I can run a command to show all hidden files.
    Only it makes the rest of all folders a bit messy.


    On 11/25/2019 at 5:05 PM, cbolanos@sgo.es said:

    (nor big fan) of MacOs

    ? I do like Windows cost wise and MacOs interface wise. But I am still not sure buying the new Mac Pro or a HP-Z... (that would be a totally different topic)

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  9. On 11/23/2019 at 7:04 PM, cbolanos@sgo.es said:

    If you create a FX preset, which is done on the FX preset tab of the Visual Editor, you can go to the destination folder and you will see two different file created: the pcc file, which is the color information for Mistika, and a dpx file of the image:

    For one strange reason if I save a FX preset it only saves a .pcc file and Mistika stopped exporting a .dpx to the same folder. Is this strange behaviour or a preset?

    In the FX window within Mistika I can see the screenshot so the .dpx file must be stored somewhere right?




  10. Thanks Cristóbal for the great feedback.

    Right now I make the .dpx and have a custom compressor droplet for converting .dpx to .jpg to keep the workflow up to speed!
    Great to hear it is in the feature request list! 

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