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    Simple Comp

    I must have an evening of brain block. Super simple scenario from a commercial I brought in from Avid. It has a small logo overlay as PNG on an upper layer. Came across fine and has proper alpha channel. But I can't figure out how to make it combine with the lower tracks. I know it can be done with the Comp3D effect, but that's overkill and too much to setup. I know there has to be an effect added that combines the nodes in the node/eval tree. But I can't find any simple merge two nodes and honor the alpha of one of them. The Booleans work, but it's the wrong operation. It's probably one of the keyer effects. Tried a few of them but couldn't get the right setup. Sorry for asking such simple question...
  2. So an additional topic that would be great is doing a conform from various apps and through various file formats. I had some mixed results in my latest attempts. A short commercial edited in Avid, an AAF export has come mostly across, except for image sequences. I've tried various EDL exports from Avid and they all failed mostly stacking everything on top of each other.
  3. jan1

    Aliasing (moire)

    If you happen to have the BorisFX plugins, I think there are some options if Mistika doesn't have any built-ins. You will have to edit the OFX config file to enable them. I've done that with the Image Repair plugins I have and played with the Beauty plugin. It does work, the UI shows you all the values and you can manipulate them, but it's not quite as user friendly as other OFX interfaces.
  4. Here are a few topics of things I do frequently and where I'm not 100% yet how to do in Mistika BT: 1) Use the base vector to key skin or some other element before any color correction, and then route that key to a later vector, possibly even combining two keys and adding a mask (similar to key mixer in Resolve tree). I've gotten it to work by enabling the extern key in the key tab and selecting the appropriate vector and alpha. But not sure I'm getting all the nuances and best practices. 2) Importing external EXR sequences from another roto software. I've been able to export the EXR and create the roto mask, but am not clear how to re-import the EXR files and use them as an alpha channel. Thanks. Maybe others can add their requests over time and turn this into a wishlist for tutorial topics.
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