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  1. Thanks Yoav. I'll give this a try, but I was thinking of a fix for eg DJI drone footage when you are in an interlaced project, or other low end cameras. The thin line details can wobble quite a bit. The tool I used before had a simple high frequency cut off, which you could lower to target the fix. I think that I might try the frequency separation method from this video:
  2. Ah cool. I have Boris, Sapphire and Mocha. Haven't tried them out yet in Mistika, will give it a go. Cheers
  3. Good idea Jan. I'm working my way through the manual at the minute, but I'd like to see a tutorial on the Title Tool - designing titles and lower thirds / creating a template / creating complicated end rollers. I'd also like to see how the subtitling works. (There may be more to subtitling, but so far, it looks fairly basic. And it looks like you can't change the font / size after initial import.) But maybe there's more to it...
  4. Hello, Is there any tool to fix aliasing in Mistika? There's a tool in Nucoda called DVO Alias and it works very nicely, Is there an equivalent tool (or a technique) to solve these issues in Mistika? Thanks Colin
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