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  1. Hi Jan, sorry for the delayed response. 1. Mistika shows a warning message to save anytime that you´ve done changes and click on exit Mistika. This issue that you´ve descrived still happens? It happens everytime that you close Mistika? 2. I´ve already send your request to the Dev team. Anyway, I leave here the link where wspoke about to help other people that are reading this topic: 3. The comas and spaces are allowed in Mistika when importing. I´ve tried to import a file with the name that you´ve provided and I´ve been able to import it. Could you open a ticket sending us a file which Mistika can´t link due the name to test it deeper? 4. Thank you very much. I´ve added this as feature request! As always, thank you very much Jan! Cheers! Carlos
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