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  1. Hi, Thashisho. Thank you very much for reaching out and thank you for using Mistika Workflows, which is much appreciated. I´m affraid DNG Raw is not supported in Mistika Workflows. But, if you would like to use a Folder node to transcode any other group of sequences into single videos, you can do it in an easy way: Drag and drop the folder that contains your sequences into Mistika Workflows. Drag and drop a task node to transcode your media. If you want to transcode your media into a ProRes files, please, drag and drop the ProRes task node. Select an output directory to your transcoded media. You can do it by drag and dropping your destination folder into your ProRes task node for example. If you have media in your folder that you don´t want to transcode it, you have the "include" and "exclude" options on your Folder input node. If you have in your folder, for example, R3D files and .mxf files and you only want to transcode the R3D files, please, type "*R3D" in the "include" field and "*mxf" in the "exclude" field. Also, if you have Raw files or you need to do a color transform, you can use the SetColorSpace task node. Please, link the Folder input node to the SetColorSpace node and link the SetColorSpace node to the ProRes task node. Open the SetColorSpace properties by clicking on this node. Select our Gammut and your gamma (Gamma REDLog3G10 and Gamut RED Wide Gammut RGB (RED) For example) Add to Queue and click on play. The render starts. I´ve attached 4 screenshots to show the steps. Let us know if you have any more doubts. Cheers! Carlos
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