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  2. @alessandro.cucinotta @Carlos Gessler Hey there, has this issue been resolved? If so, would you like to share the solution or workaround? If it hasn't been solved: @SGO are there plans to release a fixed version any time soon? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi all! A new maintenance release of Mistika Boutique is now avaliable in the Downloads section of your online SGO Account. Improvements AJA 16.2.6 driver support .m4a audio files support Fixes Tangent knobs are now working smoothly, providing better control and precision. Fixed compatibility for .arx and .ari files with ARRI Debayer when using OpenCL, ensuring accurate processing and playback. Improved Font Rendering: Fonts now correctly support overlapping characters, enhancing text display and readability. Enjoy Mistika!
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  5. Hi Alessandro, Thanks a lot for reaching out! I´ve replied to you via Support Portal. Have a nice day! Carlos
  6. I confirm DEOVR preview does not work, the link to open the connection instead of having the usual port:8889 has :0 This seems to be the problem. What can I do to change the settings?
  7. Hi Campbell, Thanks for reaching out, In order to export an image sequence like EXR, you'll need to go to the output tab and click on the video button to you activate the output for video, from there you'll be able to change the codecs by clicking on them to show the full list of codecs available, in there you can find EXR sequence and you'll be able to choose from a variety of EXR types. (see image attached) Keep in mind that if you are on an educational licence of Mistika Boutique you won't be able to export EXR, only Mistika JS, H264 and ProRes Proxy and LT. If you have further questions regarding this subject feel free to open a ticket with our SGO support team we'll be happy to help. Best regards, Cesar
  8. Very new here, and working through the tutorials. But I don't see any options to export to an image sequence, ideally EXR DWAA. I understand Workflows might be a better tool for this, but I wanted to see whether this was possible in Boutique as I'm trying to learn that now, and understand the workflows, without adding another tool just yet. Thanks in advance,
  9. In the 10.8.x version, DeoVR cannot be used for preview editing. So I had to revert to the previous 10.7.5 version. Please fix this issue .
  10. Hi all, A maintenance version of Mistika Boutique is now available adding several stability improvements. This version can already be downloaded from 'My Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. Fixes .XMP files are no longer retained in the system after rendering Enhanced interpretation of animation curves during AAF conforming Markers now align correctly with timecode Smoother scrolling using arrow keys on Mac OS Timebox works correctly with show TC/2 if fps>30 Fixed reset button behaviour on multiple monitors (Mac OS) Fixed connectivity with headset preview via Deo VR by changing the port Top/bottom and side by side export resolution is now rendered properly Correct import of 8KP2 files containing multiple clips Fixed copy-paste
  11. Hi all, A maintenance version of Mistika Workflows is now available adding several stability improvements. This latest version can already be downloaded from 'My Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. New SDK’s SonyRaw 5.0 Arri Raw 8.1 Red Raw 8.5 New Integrations Google Drive Filemail New Nodes ACES Gamut Compress - This new feature enables users to control out-of-gamut levels with precision and efficiency Add RGB Levels - Interprets and maps video signals to adapt them to and from the legal range Classify By Number of Tokens - This advanced media filtering capability now offers the option to filter based on the number of tokens, providing enhanced precision in content classification Hard Link Node - This new feature enables users to create hard links between files, providing a robust method for managing file relationships within workflows CSVtoUPmetadata - This node enables users to utilize CSV files to inject metadata into universal paths. Additionally, it facilitates the modification of privateData in other nodes within the same workflow WAV render New Features The "Recent Nodes" list added to Finder: Providing quick access to recently used nodes, improving productivity The "Recent Files " list added to the File menu: Displaying recently accessed files, offering users quick access to their most recently opened documents Export a single tab as an independent .mwf file: This feature allows users to isolate and save individual tabs within their projects .mwf files can now be opened directly from File Explorer with a double click Python Updates Cworkflow::getLogFilePath exposed to python CbaseItem::addRecentItem exposed to python Improvements FPS presets pulldown menu added to transcoders Classify by the file size added to the Classify by metadata node failedUP node now adds “failedUP” info to privateData New “Open Log File” option added to the Workflows Menu “File Path” label was renamed to “Dst File Path” in transcoding nodes “Recursive” label renamed to “Include Subfolders” in Watcher and Folder nodes “Compare Path” renamed to “Match File Path” in conformFilter node “Compare Extension” renamed to “Match Extension” in conformFilter “No Trim” property added to conformFilter "Add Dynamic Connector" and “Remove All Disconnected" options added to the contextual menu for nodes supporting dynamic connectors Context menu added to Frame.io to open recent uploads in Browser New checksums added, including xxHash, Blake2b, Blake2s & Keccak firstProxyAudioChannel param added to Panasonic 8K onlySendIfInput added to mail node Fixes Output options are now correctly displayed in the ACES ODT node
  12. Hi all, A maintenance version of Mistika Boutique is now available adding new color spaces and several improvements. This version can already be downloaded from 'My Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. New Color Spaces ARRI Log-C3 (ISO400) Apple Log curve added to Unicolor Improvements ARRI Log-C3 renamed as Log-C3 (ISO800) Fixes Fixed behaviour of the arrow cursor on macOS. The connections between nodes are now accurately represented in the node graph. The node graph is correctly refreshed when double-clicking on an effect. The brush radius in Vector Paint now remains consistent when changing resolution. Fixed Multicamera support using AAF format. Autocalibrate functionality now works correctly. Groups now correctly retain the first input in the Eval Tree when they are opened. OFX interface is now properly launched. Fixed XML retime conforming. DSO errors in FX are now solved. The audio panel now displays render information when "Audio in movie" is selected.
  13. Hi kexianliang, The release of Mistika 11 was delayed due to the major framerate change we made in Mistika 10.8. This change affected several parts of Mistika's core, and we needed some time to ensure the stability of the version. Meanwhile, version 11 has been developed in parallel, adding more features and GUI changes. In fact, we have merged the metadata support from Mistika Workflows into Mistika Boutique, bringing new capabilities to manage, organize, and filter your timeline based on different metadata criteria. Additionally, we have migrated more tools to the new GUI, following the overall redesign that we have been working on for the past few years. Our current focus is on supporting new standards and improving/redesigning the GUI. Now that we have released 10.8, we can concentrate entirely on version 11 to release it as soon as possible. Cheers!
  14. Hi all, A maintenance version of Mistika Workflows is now available adding several stability improvements. This latest version can already be downloaded from 'My Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Improvements Name Convention exposed to allow reformating output name in the RND file node. RND file node now supports input Universal Path streams. Fixes Fixed rendering to JS YUV 422 10-bits. The parent folder token now correctly keeps every character folder. Mistika Render node now works properly when using the base name token in sequences. Mistika Render node now keeps the padding in sequences. Virtual Slate works properly when resizing. When opening Mistika Workflows, the connector does not disappear when it is connected to the Stitch Refiner node.
  15. I am getting an error when trying to use the Autocalibrate feature. "Error launching feature extractor". What does that mean?
  16. In addition, I think it is necessary to redesign Mistika Config, preferably integrating it into Mistika Ultima/Boutique and adding a dark style. It is recommended to refer to Baselight Preferences. The function of automatically adjusting window size when switching options is not user-friendly, and I hope it can be improved. Furthermore, it would be even better if Mistika could also support PostgreSQL databases.
  17. Where Is Mistika 11 ? Davinci and Baselight have been making great strides, and I feel that in recent years, Mistika Ultima has fallen behind. Mistika Ultima needs revolutionary innovative technology and continuous UI improvement. Personally, I think Davinci and Baselight's UI are more exquisite and beautiful than Mistika's. I Love Mistika ! I support Mistika and do not want her to be like Autodesk Lustre, about to leave the stage of history.
  18. Hi Martin, Thank you for your interest in Mistika 11, which is greatly appreciated. This release has undergone substantial changes, which is why it has taken longer to ensure its stability. We are working hard to release it as soon as possible, however we are not able to give you specific timeframe at this moment. I'm glad to share that Mistika 11 is shaping up to be a significant step forward and brings many exciting new features. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any additional questions. Best regards.
  19. Hi all, A new release of Mistika Boutique is now available. This update is packed with exciting new features, enhancing conform, simplifying the export process, improving cross-department collaboration and so much more. You can already download this version from 'My Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. New Features Automatic Retime embedded in the clip parameters enabling seamless FPS manipulation. Effortlessly align your media with your project's framerate while preserving its original duration. Check out this TUTORIAL to explore this functionality in more detail. EXR multilayer workflow Enhancements. Mistika now writes all media and project metadata when rendering to EXR. Dynamic tokens and tags support in the Output Panel. Dynamically name your renders based on media or project metadata. Import markers from EDL /AFF and XML. To get more information on this feature, read this ARTICLE. AutoCalibrate for VR 180º/360º. Render Options function added in VR Stitch. Reset Clip Trim function. New Scaling Modes in Rendering. Render Segments at Source and Stack Resolution To get more information on the new features, check out this VIDEO. Improvements Change Start TCs of .mlnk Set to progressive or interlaced mlnks VectorPaint data is now embedded with .rnd or .env files. EXR Layer view added to Visual Editor Recover Interlaced button added to Visual Editor GUI New SDK Fuji SDK Sony SDK Fixes Media Browser Filter now works properly. Correct reading of ARRI ProRes. BRAW files are now correctly read on macOS. Improved file management and reading process allowing fast start rendering in a broad environment. Pressing the key tab in the parameters options now sets the value accurately. Blackmagic videoboard's functionality has been significantly improved. Icons in bookmarks can now be properly changed in macOS. The paths in mConfig are properly kept in macOS. Canon RAW parameters now work properly. Correct clip duration for QT DNxHD. Proper navigation in media Browser avoiding unwanted clicks when opening folders. Improved adding units using the “+” sign unlimited in the TC Box. Enhanced Scale Y in R3D files in macOS avoiding being keyframed. The “Shift” key now works properly without affecting locked clips. Improved ring sensibility properly affecting Offsets and Contrast wheels. Fixed behavior of Tangent balls in Offset and Contrast mode. Clips placed before the Record Monitor are now working correctly when clicked. The pulldown insert function is now fixed. The Vector Paint is now correctly scaled when the resolution changes. Creating a new timeline shortcut (ctrl+t) works properly regardless of the zoom.
  20. Hi all, A maintenance release of Mistika Workflows is now available adding some fixes and improvements. You can already access to this version by going to 'My Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. Fixes: Audio Level correctly proceseed when FX Nodes are part of the workflow Correct TC reading in EXR Sequence with 59,94 fps PQ+D65 colour metadata supported in ProRes node Improvements: Conform Filter node upgraded to be case Insensitive
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  22. Is anything further happening with Mistika review?
  23. Hi, In June 2023, Tatiana mentioned Mistika 11 was close to beta. Just wondering if there are any updates on the timeframe for a beta release? I am very curious to know what directions Mistika is taking. Thanks
  24. Hi all, A maintenance release of Mistika Workflows is now available. This upgrade includes enhancements to the Activation Tool for macOS users and other nodes. To download this version, go to the 'Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. Fixes: Fixed Activation Tool issues in macOS when launching. Fixed processing priority problems for some nodes.
  25. Hi all, A new maintenance release of Mistika Boutique is now available providing new fixes and improvements. This version can now be downloaded from the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Improvements: Canon RAW Parameters have now been reorganized to enhance operability. Changed insert 2:3 Pulldown to insert 3:2 Pulldown. Bugs Fixed: Fixed break image playing HD/2K/4K with AJA Fixed memory leak issue when rendering NeatVideo OFX Precision Panel now works correctly with the Shapes Scale Contrast RGB and Gamma RGB now work properly with the Tangent Panels Stereo3D HIT is now correctly derived from project resolution Brush size in VectorPaint is now correctly related to image resolution
  26. Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now available including a new fix for mac users. This release can now be dowloaded directly from the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Fix: Fixed an installer issue that was preventing proper installation on macOS.
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