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Workflows on Linux

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Mistika version 10.8.0 Beta.
CentOS 7

I have a couple of issues with this version of Mistika Workflows.
1. Node ShotGridCreate doesn't exist.
2. Node Move actually copies files, not moving them.
3. During the render process with nodes Prores or H.264, it's impossible to render a file from the EXR sequence, because of "Unable to create Render group" issue from log.

Does anyone know solutions for these issues?


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Hi, It´s Daniel from SGO Support Team.

1) In the 10.8.1 maintenance release we will release in the future it will have changes on that node, but in 10.8.0 it should be there, there may have been a bug in its installation.

2) The best option is to open a ticket in our Support Portal and send us a .mwf example of your workflow so we can analyse what might be happening. In our tests it works perfectly.

3) The same I say for this case, we need to see the workflow you are following, maybe the Name Convention are not the correct ones.

Link to support Portal: https://support.sgo.es/support/home

We keep in touch.

Best regards,





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