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What is new in Mistika Boutique 10.7

Melanie Diaz

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Hi everyone,

A new upgrade of Mistika Boutique is now available adding new updates and improvements. You can already find this version in the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account.

SDK Updates

  • ARRI Alexa 35 (Windows and Linux only)
  • Sony VENICE 2


  • Dead Pixel detection improved in Phantom RAW files.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Display Filter menu's functionality now shows multiple filters correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Display Filters to not display properly on the main GUI.
  • Corrected the behavior of the Gamma Curve within DNG files. Note: The gamma curve no longer affects DNG files unless it is explicitly set.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering the TC when changing FPS.
  • Gamma curve is now read correctly in the Phantom RAW files.
  • Resolved an issue with rendering to 32K EXR RAW RGB Half.
  • Fixed memory leak when applying a denoise effect on top of another denoise effect.
  • Up/Down Arrow controls in Timespace will no longer affect the Visual Editor viewer.
  • The cursor no longer transforms to ↔︎ when clicking the temperature.
  • Mistika can now render vertical resolutions correctly.
  • AAF from Media Composer with R3D files can now be conformed correctly.
  • Fixed a memory leak when rendering with Green Screen FX.
  • Audio EDL files can now be generated properly.
  • Fixed a conforming bug in reverse clips with XMLs.
  • Fixed an issue related with left-clicking on an empty area of the Visual Editor.
  • P2 files of type Audio/Video are now imported correctly.
  • The playback cache is no longer automatically invalidated when editing inside a group.

Known bugs:

  • ARRI camera-generated MXF files with ProRes encoding cannot be read correctly.
  • The ArriParams Tint does not work correctly.
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