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VR Stitch FX: improving colors between cameras


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I'm working on 360 video that was recorded on rig of six GoPro cameras. The recording was made at night, at one direction there was large flash of fire. Unfortunately, one of the cameras stopped working at the time of this flash, but fortunately it was faced in the opposite direction from the flash.

Match Color function gives poor color alignment results across all cameras during this bright flash of fire. I have not yet found better option than step frame by frame and manually set values of Gain Stops/Temperature/Green Tint for each camera. But maybe there is some way to select time area and assign values to cameras in this area?

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Hi Andrew!!

Indeed, Mistika VR can analyze only the color of a the small area limited in the timeline by the "In" and "Out" points. 

To do so, you can set these In and Out points with the keyboard shortcuts "I" and "Out", or with the Edit marks buttons you can se highlighted in this screenshot:


Then, if you click on Color > Match Color in Time, Mistika VR will analyze only that area and do the matching.

However, I'm afraid  that your needs won't be reached with the aumatic matching color functions. What you describe is a major issue that will be probably be solved by keyframing exposition. Mistika VR has only color parameters for exposition, temperature and tint, it is effective for VR color matching between the different cameras, however, extreme situations like that one is difficult and should be done manually.

I hope this information helps! Let us know if you have any other technical question. We'll happily help as soon as possible.



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Sorry Andrew, I though the question was about Mistika VR.

With Mistika Boutique you can do the following techniques:

- Make cuts in the clip inside the Timespace, so you can isolate each of the segments and you can treat them independetly.

- Put a Color Grade above of all and make keyframes usign the Primaries tab of the Color grading, matching all the segments until you get the best result possible.

Here you have a tutorial about how to do dynamic grades in Mistika: 


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