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"Wait for" halt node/Option

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It would be a good addition to the software a "node/extra input" that interrupts the flow of an stream until a signal is given to it.

The following example paints it clearly:





On the image I'm setting up an scenario were a piece of data has to be converted to a .tif format and then copied to another storage elsewhere. After the copy is successful, the .tif conversion requires to be deleted.

According to the Overview, the thrash node will be executed before the copy one has a chance to be performed.
This can very easily become a hazard and a serious threat to the integrity of the data/storage.

A very quick way to solve this would be to provide an extra input to the "Trash" node. An input that halts the node until the signal is provided thru it.
Like the following example:








Most of the Node systems provide every node with an array of inputs that will modify/condition its behaviour.
We can think of this "Wait for" node as the "Mask" input of a Merge node in a compositing software, or a secondary input like a "target" in a logic blueprint.







Another option Would be to create a generic "HALT" node that would interrupt the execution of the stream/branch until a signal over a second input is satisfied. 


I think this is a mild feature request that could benefit the entire software and its usability. 




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