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Rig Preset for NS VR360 Rig?!

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Hello, I only made this topic as the browser wouldnt let me create a post in "Rig Presets" where this belongs. I have a massive 360 job here in Switzerland where we have a 10 gopro Hero 7 Black rig ( with an additional 2 more on top and bottom but they will be seperately stitched as they will playback on the floor and ceiling of a big immersion theatre) called the NS VR360 and I really need a preset for this that gives me a 360 pano look (we will add the sky and water below seperately as mentioned) and cant find one or dont know which existing preset in Mistika would work, can anyone help???


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Hi Blake!

In this Article: What if my camera rig model does not appear in the camera presets list? you'll find several following procedures that explain what to do in your situation. However, if you would like to, SGO's agents can create you a preset for you if you submit a ticket in the SGO's support portal.  You will need to provide sample images, ideally recorded in a place with nothing too close to the camera (a clear in a park, a parking lot, a town square... ).

First, try to obtain a suitable scene for the calibration:

- Nothing and nobody close to the camera, at least 3 meters
- A street with buildings and trees, squares, parking lots
- Large halls, like sports venues, with a structured ceiling, with a camera in the open
- Public garage with no cars or columns at less than 3 meters

If a calibration shot cannot be obtained, choose the shot most fitting the above.

Optional, especially convenient for cameras with little overlap: Ask for a static scene, and two shots, second with the rig rotated half its camera spacing: Means if they are 4 cameras at the horizon at 90 degrees, rotate the rig 45 degrees. This provides an apparent doubling of a number of cameras and produces better lens distortion detection.

Notice that if a camera allows setting the image ratio at different values, like GoPro that can record both 4:3 and 16:9, settings for both resolutions may be needed. Recording a larger image is always better but some customers used 16:9 ratio apparently.  

Looking forward to your reply.


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