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  1. Hi everyone, An upgraded version of Mistika Boutique is now available with Dual Output for Dolby Vision FX, a new “Switch to second video track” option added to Macros... and so much more! Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version: New features Dual Output for Dolby Vision FX enabling the Dolby Vision FX to be applied in only one monitor with original media being displayed in the other one. A new “Switch to second video track” option added to Macros, displaying the video tracks that are hidden in some cameras, such as Qoocam or Vuze for example. Fixes Fixed “TC Rules”/Timeline TC in the output tab. Improved behaviour of the qualifier. R3D folder structure is now recognized correctly, so the Media Browser can be used accordingly to import R3D files. (Tangent) Shapes are now being displayed in the correct vector. Audio parameters can now be propagated correctly between clips. Shapes are no longer being eliminated when deleting a parameter. Shape points can now be moved individually when the tracking is complete. Alexa Mini mxf files can now be read correctly. Fixed focus behaviour when copy/paste in Color grade. Fixed rendering of the Mainconcept AVC Intra 200 P2 codec. TC in audio clip is now being kept correctly when audio and video are separated by A/V break. The Timeline TC is now correctly refreshed when navigating by using the shortcuts Next/Prev Edit. The default option of the embedded Scope in Color grade is now correctly set to input. The selector to change the LUT is now always visible in the Time editor. Fixed behaviour of the Precision color control panel when performing tracking and navigating to Fixed Vectors. Fixed behaviour of the Precision panel when using the ring to modify the Hexagon values. Cache color indicator is now being refreshed in a cached clip when the color grade is modified. EDL files containing characters with accents now work properly. Fixed re-analysis functionality in Dolby Vision FX. Fixed an issue related to a split in the SDI output when a P2 file was displayed. Fixed Copy/Paste functionality: users are now able to correctly copy and paste shapes and grades between shots. French accents are now correctly displayed in EDL files. Fixed moving around the Timespace’s tracker tab to proceed one frame only. The cursor in Qualifier is now displayed properly. Fixed rendering of DNxHR 444 format. Mistika can now read .ts and .m2t files properly. The list of loaded LUTs in the color grade is now correctly saved. The default result size is not affecting the cache behavior anymore. The “Undo” command now works correctly in “Offset” and “Contrast” mode. The Keyframe Graph is not affected anymore by zoom-ing in when the visual editor is zoomed by the arrow keys. Fixed behaviour of the Zoom-in functionality in Visual Editor when the Keyframe Graph is open. Non Drop frames in Phantom formats are now properly recognized.
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