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  1. Hi, I'm evaluating a trial of Mistika Boutique 10.2.0 on my 2019 MacPro. Everything is working great, but I can not get Arri Raw to play back at all. This includes .ari and mxf wrapped from the Amira. The app just sits there and I get a spinning ball until I hit stop on my tangent panel. I have watched the "Performance Setting Tutorial" on YouTube, but nothing I set seems to help with the Arri files. Maybe I'm missing a setting, can anyone recommend an optimal config setting? These are my specs: 2019-Mac Pro with 3.5Ghz 8-Core Intel XeonW, MacOS Big Sur 11.4 288GB RAM, Single AMD Radeon W5700X Directly attached TB3 SSD Raid. FWIW, I can play back the same files in realtime on this system with other software packages , so I don't believe I have a hardware bottleneck. Thanks in Advance! Michael
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