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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply. Does it work if I activate stabilization on each camera (IS for the mirrorless and hypersmooth on gopros) or I should stabilize in postprod after stitching with mistika ? Thanks
  2. Hi overthere, I have a project in an immersion room (10 meters by 6 meters) for a museum in Tahiti, French Polynesia. 1) To be able to have a good resolution for the front wall, I wanted to have a 6K+ resolution camera like a panasonic S1H+16-35mm or the GH5+7-14mm with latest firmware. And for the other walls (left, right and ground), just have 3 x gopro8. I made some camera rigs (see attached files) 2) The other idea was to make a rig with the qoocam 8K underneath a real camera (S1H or GH5) and replace the Qoocam video part concerned by the real camera by the video outputted by this latest. As I am very novice in Mistika before going further with this idea, would it be easy to create a preset in Mistika to take in account the different cameras setup in 1 or 2 ? If I understand a bit this article, this could work https://support.sgo.es/support/solutions/articles/1000262051-what-if-my-camera-rig-model-does-not-appear-in-the-camera-presets-list- but can any of you can confirm ? Regards,
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