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  1. First, let me say that most of these issues are when I'm working in a VR Stitch effect. But these are keyframe behavior issues. Neither of your solutions does what I want. If I delete the last remaining keyframe, I lose the current value, it resets to the parameter's default. This can be hard to reset to the value I wanted. I consider this a bug. If I set a keyframe to constant, With 1 keyframe, the behavior is essentially the same as having 1 normal keyframe. In both instances, the parameter remains in 'animated' status and will take keyframes as I adjust parameters. This is a huge problem with an 8 camera stitch, suggested workflow includes using Match Color. Which will automatically set 24 keyframes. and every subsequent manual adjustment on a different frame will set 3 more keyframes - even with autokey OFF. Match Color in Time should set keys. Match Color should honor the animated / non animated state of the 3 params it effects. But in general, I want the ability to remove animation from a param and maintain my current value, not have it reset to a default.
  2. In VR you can remove the last keyframe and the animated status of a parameter (usually several at a time) while maintaining the current values. I can't see any way to do this in Boutique. Resetting values to their defaults is a nightmare I do not want, Is there a way to make parameters no longer animated and maintain their current value?
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