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  1. Hi Jeff! Thanks a lot for the feedback. It's utterly appreciated. I'll go point by point discussing the topics ? Then, I'd say that definitely that a 16:9 screen ratio screen would be optimal. Although I assure you that different screen resolutions will be supported and it's a matter present in the development road. Indeed, you can do it by modifying a parameter inside the mistikarc.cfg file. Do the following: - Go to this location: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\SGO AppData\Mistika - Open the mistikarc.cfg file with a text editor. - Look for the EXPIRATIONWARNING parameter, you'll see a number on the right column. Modify to 1 if you want only to be warned the last day of your license, or 0 if you don't want to be warned. I've talked to the dev team, and this option will be added on the Mconfig, so you can manually change it on a more user friendly way. I'll let you know when this is ready ? Indeed, this behaviour is considered not to be optimal and efficient by a lot of users. It can make the initialising of Mistika slower As Yoav said, that's precisely what the source monitor is for! ? You can configure it to see the Source monitor on your output video. By activating the "Live Video" option in the Menu settings of the Source Monitor. Indeed, the letter "D" for disable, which activates the "Bypass" button. That bypasses the eye that is right to the effects of the Eval tree. However, shortcuts in Mistika Boutique work depending on the area where the mouse is located, in other words, it depends on the focus. So, to activate this shortcut, you have to locate the mouse focus on the Eval tree. This behaviour will be changed in the future as part of the development tasks. I'm afraid I can't think of a way rather than double click to enter the visual editor. I'll dig into this issue. However, I can suggest you to configure on of the clicks of your pen to act as double click. That can sort out your problem. Thanks a lot for this valuable feedback. I'll suggest this in the next meeting. Maybe it could be nice to also have a modifier of that time in the Mconfig? Let me know your thoughts ? Indeed, I also think it's a great idea. I'll document this and let the dev team know. That's been asked from other users too. Already added to the feature request list! Is it possible that it's the time for the system to recognise the external drive? In my system, as soon as the external unit is recognised, I refresh the Media Browser and I can enter. Yes, we are aware of this issue and it will be improved. Thanks for bringing it up! I hope I solved some of your doubts! Thanks a lot for the awesome feedback ? Cheers, Cristóbal
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