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  1. [RELEASE] Mistika Boutique 8.11 is now available! Hi all! The latest version of Mistika Boutique is now available bringing totally revised and user-friendly License Activation Tool together with other additional features and stability improvements throughout the software. ? As usual, the upgrades added to Mistika Boutique are available to all active users at no extra cost as a part of SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. In this VIDEO, you'll find explained in more detail what is new in this version. New features: Revised Activation Tool New GUI Scaling Factor Automatic Audio Routing Improvement: 2644 Rendering by Timecode combined with the First Frame Index option for Image Sequences formats (DPX, EXR, TIFF…) is now possible. Fixes: 2635 Printer Lights for C-M-Y, Level and Contrast now working properly in Windows and macOS. 2633 Dragging the timeline background has been improved when using Wacom tablet in macOS. Newly added variable in the mistikarc.cfg file now permits the customization of the offset value in the context menu. This new parameter is called INTERFACE_CONTEXTMENU_OFFSETXY and can support any value that will cause a shift in both x and y axis. 2613 Memory RAM can now be properly assigned when importing an EXR sequence. 2624 Loading Raw Params is now working correctly with Arri Alexa RAW footage in macOS. 2663 SGO Activation Tool now recognizes previously used User name and Password when signing in. 2641 ACES ODT DCDM (P3-D65 Clip) is now working properly. 2638 A vertical stack can now be imported in the Node Graph from Mistika.Inks 2621 Display Filters can now be created by pressing Enter or the ‘OK’ button. 2637 Loading Raw Params is now working correctly with Canon C200.CRM RAW Media. Known issue: The alpha channel for Quicktime DNxHR HQX codec is not supported. [OPEN BETA] Improvements: Now Mistika reads TC from audio format Wav RF64 32 bits. Fixes: 2565 Key blur now works on macOS. 2580 Rendering Image Sequences with First Frame Indexed now enables inheriting the TC for TIFF, EXR and DPX. 2552 Loading files in the Timeline for VR now works properly. 2585 Burn Live metadata now works on 10-bit Internal Video Paths. 2550 XML in point is now properly imported. 2583 Improved EDL drag and drop behavior. 2509 mConfig 2K preset is now working correctly. Known issue: Display Filters have to be created by pressing ‘Enter’ in the keyboard as the 'OK' option needs to be fixed.
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