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adding sparkles to a shot

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Hi All

Maybe a silly question!! But a small job I am doing, and will be onlining soon in Mistika, requires sparkles (don't ask!) like you get in the fun app KiraKira. Can such sparkles be added in online/DI using Mistika?

All help gratefully received.

Best Phil

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I would recommend  to experiment with a Noise and Glint effects. Animate the noise parameters, use a color grade to adjust contrast and pass the result to the Glint effect. Also compose with the original image. 

But each software is going to produce a different result, if you like kiraKira I would recommend to  use it and then compose the results in Mistika.

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Do you mean the render speed? If it is HD it should render in a few seconds, or at 4k  less than one minute.   But I suppose  you may want to do some intermediate renders and adjustment iterations , as judging the optimal speed for something like  "sparkles" appearing and disappearing sounds to require realtime playbacks to evaluate it properly. It is not a case of applyng the effects and forget . Basically you will need to go trough  several "try and refine " iterations, rendering a realtime preview each time. 

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