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Proxy Generation

Melanie Diaz

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Hi there!

This template shows a sample easy-to-build workflow to automate your proxy creation process for editorial in three simple steps. 


1) As an Input, we can use Folder or Watcher node, both set to filter the files by extension, reading only ARRI, R3D, Sony and Blackmagic RAW files (simply switch the connection to use one or another or deploy a Serialize node to use them both). 

2) To create the proxies we can use ProRes or DNxHD* codecs, depending on the editorial software used in the pipeline. 

3) Finally we can send a notification via email or Slack to the editorial team once the proxies are ready. Make sure to set up the nodes correctly before the launch. 

This is just an example workflow for the automated proxy creation. You can modify it to fit your needs including adding new inputs, tasks and outputs. 

*Please note that you’ll need a separate license for DNxHD that you can easily purchase in SGO Online Shop.

If you need assistance, please reach out by opening a ticket on SGO Support Portal.

Enjoy Mistika Workflows!

Proxy Creation.mwf

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