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What is new in Mistika Boutique 10.4

Melanie Diaz

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Hi everyone!

We have pre-released a new version of Mistika 10 for Mistika Boutique and Ultima, introducing VR Headset Preview, AJA T-TAP Pro* Support, Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK and Upgraded Conform  functionality. This version is already available on your Online SGO Account.

**AJA T-Tap Pro support is only available for Windows and macOS.


New features

  • VR Headset preview: Mistika Boutique users are now able to preview stitched VR media without the need of rendering in the headsets using DEO VR player. 
  • Updated BRAW SDK: The latest version of Blackmagic RAW codec has been added, including a dynamic list for ISO values in BRAW Parameters.
  • AJA T-TAP Pro Support.
  • Upgraded Conform: New functionality in the Conform window to extract the Framing information to an external Framing node.



  • Added option to choose Drop Frame or Non Drop Frame when rendering or when modifying the FPS in the browser.
  • LNK extension is replaced by MLNK.
  • Highlight mode can be dimmed for HDR monitoring.
  • R3D Decoder has been updated.



  • Fixed frozen frame on Timewarps during AAF conform.
  • The “Export Image Set” function in the VR Stitch effect is now working correctly when no camera tracks have been created.
  • Improved a refresh issue in MLayer Qualifier with multilayer EXR’s.
  • Improved scrolling the parameters to negative when using Wacom.
  • Fixed color issue on DNxHR 444 render.
  • Fixed a GUI overlap issue with the scopes in the Visual Editor.   
  • Enhanced the position of some transitions in XML/AAF from Adobe Premiere Pro. 
  • The rendering of ProRes 4444 + Alpha and ProRes 4444XQ + Alpha in Mistika Ultima is now fixed.
  • The behaviour of the capture functionality while performing Timeline Autosave in the background is now fixed.
  • Improved Calculator functionality when working USE 60@30 TC with 60p project.
  • The QOS script is now properly executed when hitting the play button using gestures and reaching the end of the playback or play marks.
  • Audio channels routing (second audio track) when reopening the environment are now fixed. 
  • The tracking can now correctly be applied to the embedded framing.


How to enable VR Headset preview in Mistika Boutique?

1. Right next to the VR view icon you will notice a brand-new HS button. When you click on it, a pop up window will appear, instructing you to copy your computer IP website address and paste it in the DeoVR player.

  MBT_HS_ICONO_02.PNG.thumb.jpg.35022bb5448f82e589aed39ae34d16c8.jpg     MBT_HS_ICONO_01.PNG.thumb.jpg.4924ad2413761723fcec0e45d42ccc7d.jpg

2. Open the DeoVR player on your preferred platform and paste the IP address. If you do not have the DeoVR player installed yet, click here and install the application.
3. Make sure that you click the play button in Mistika to get the video output in DeoVR.


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