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Mixed Resolution Projects


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I have a project that has a mix of footage with 5K, UHD, and HD resolution.

This is not about making a single timeline and rendering, as in a finished edit. I know how that works with framing nodes.

I'm only using Mistika for a beauty grade. Each clip has to be rendered out in it's original resolution to be re-conformed in Premiere for the final assembly. So the 5K clips need to be rendered in 5K, the UHD clips in UHD, and HD clips in HD. Ideally without any intermediary scaling to maintain best quality.

At the moment I setup three different projects with different configs. But that's a lot of overhead switching back and forth, and matching grades between projects.

I know in the output section I can select the resolution. I also know that Display filters can be set for render. So I'm wondering - is there a way where I can leave the project in 5K config, but then for the UHD clip, setup a display filter that frames it for UHD at render time, and then set the output resolution to UHD. Will that work, and would it avoid any scaling?

I know, odd ball scenario.


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Related question - what happens when you open a project with a different conflg? I've seen the warning message that tells me this project was originally 5K and now you're at UHD. Would it work to keep one project, but just open it with different configs as output requires?

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Quick update: I've been able to work with a single project file and just switching mConfig for the various renders. The processing and rendering resolution seems to be tied to the config, so in a multi-resolution output setup varying the config works. That made copying grades between shots simpler. Of course having to exist Mistika, change the config, and restarting is still a slow process. Maybe in some future version we can make at least some config changes without restart....

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Hi Jan!!

On 11/21/2019 at 3:43 AM, jan1 said:

Would it work to keep one project, but just open it with different configs as output requires?

Yes, Mistika will make a friendly reminder, then will make the all the resolutions fit the new mconfig settings. Resolution in Mistika is dynamic, which means that you can set your project first at a smaller resolution like 1920x960 in order to have a better playback.  Later, in the final output, you can set 4k  for instance, and make screen tests.

On 11/21/2019 at 3:26 AM, jan1 said:

I know in the output section I can select the resolution.

That's what I would personally do instead of switching resolutions in the Mconfig avoiding exiting Mistika. I would set project resolution to the maximum, in this case, the 5k, use display filter and different framing for adjusting everything properly in order to have comfort display, and finally then in the output, force the scale output to the fitting resolution of each shot. If you make render presets, it's even quicker. 


In this case, this is a 4K project, but with 4k and 2k shots. I want them rendered with the original resolution. I select the 2k shot, go to the VideoSetUp. select scale and type the 2k resolution. Then, I make the render preset for smooth workflow. 




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