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Color Picker?


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Is there an easy way to read the color of a pixel.

I'm using some of the BorisFX OFX plugins and the pixel chooser requires entry of a color value. It has the tree separate RGB values, but no automated color picker like other OFX UIs offer. So I have to determine the RGB values.

I've had success putting a color grade node on top of OFX, using the 'Set Color' tab in the visual editor, going to 'Pick Color'. That reads out the RGB hex values. The OFX plugin however needs the float RGB values, so I have to use a calculate to convert hex to float. Workable, but hoping there's a faster way.

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Quicktip: Did you know that you can use that tool in combination with the Scopes? ?

Let me explain:

If you use the Color Picker, the values will be highlighted in all the Scopes as well. As you can see in this screenshot:



This is a really handy tool, specially when it comes to neutralizing the black and whites.

The pure white is obtained when all the rgb values are the same. So if you use the color picker, and check if they differ, you can use the printer lights in small steps to equalize all the values.

Hope you like this quick Mistika hack!


Cristóbal ? 



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