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Top/Bottom 3D footage

Scott Oliphant

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For anyone else looking, use duplicate your top bottom render, use frame to crop and reposition (so you ahve a left eye and right eye) select those 4 items and add stereo 3d FX. Then, I grouped that, and went through regular post process for rig removal, grading and whatnot. 


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Hi Scott!

Thanks a lot for the report. I'll collect the information given by my colleague to leave it here in case anyone needs it in the future.

In order to make this operation an Immersive or Professional license of Boutique is needed (the evaluation beta version 8.10 includes Stereo Features if you want to test the workflow):

1. First, import the footage and duplicate the node. In every single node set a Framing effect to fit every single eye in separate nodes. You have to build a stack with both eyes and Framing effect. Extract the left eye with a framing effect; the right even with the framing effect. The top node one has to be the left eye.

2. Compose both with the Stereo 3D effect.

3. Set a Vector Paint effect to remove the tripod. The workflows of removing an tripod or rig is explained in this tutorial.

Hope you find it useful!


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