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What is new in Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 Open Beta

Melanie Diaz

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Hi all,

We are delighted to announce that an update of Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 Open Beta is now available! :classic_smile:

As you know, Mistika Boutique Open Beta Program is completely free of charge and open to all. After the period of beta testing, Mistika Boutique will be exclusively available through the SGO shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just €99 a month. Creatives and facilities will get to choose between various different editions, adapting features and functionality priced according to their needs. Mistika Boutique plans can be found HERE.

To update to Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 go to the Downloads section of your SGO Account.

To provide you with the very best experience using Mistika Boutique, we kindly ask you to fill out a 2-minute SURVEY and tell us what you think.

To start the SURVEY , click HERE.

Here's the list of fixes in this new Open Beta version:                  
2086    Refresh issue when using two monitors and Scopes.                        
2146    Troubles recognizing the HDMI for an external monitor.                        
2152    Possible issues after rendering to EXR.                        
2158    When opening a project the media browser did not open.                        
2161    Original values in the Project Manager window corresponded to Current values and vice-versa.                        
2163    Unable to cut and paste files in the Mistika media browser.                        
2164    When changing from one project to another, troubles opening the Home path.                        
2165    When changing from one timeline to another the focus of save window hidden underneath GUI.                        
2169    Extract Kandao Calibration Metadata did not warn when a shot had no metadata.                        

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