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How do you specify 360 stereo VR?

David Lawrence

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Hi dhi,

First of all, apologies for the delayed response. We have been improving the Forums and they were inaccessible the last week.

With regards to your question. Try the next please:

– Open the review control panels. (disable when launching the app the first time). You can load it from Window>Panels>Review controls.

– You will see there is a tab for clip, segment or Global. Well, if you load a TB clip, you can scale in Y with a value of 200% and the Offset in Y about until getting only one eye in the visual editor.  If you apply this value in the Global tab, then all the TB you load into Mistika RW will have the same settings.

– Once you see only 1 eye, then go to the Clip control tab. You will see the convergence parameter. If you increase this, then you will have a B&W Anaglyph view. Of course, you must select B&W option in the stereo panel views.

That’s the only way I know to do that at the moment in Mistika RW. If somebody else adds a piece of light on this, is very welcome ?


I hope it helps,


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Hi .ro,

I'm not getting this to work at all. The problem is my file is TB format meaning it has a 1:1 square aspect ratio. None of the controls you mention change the format of the clip to 2:1. Am I missing something?

This really needs to be a lot easier to set up if it's to be any use for stereoscopic 360.



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