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  1. How do you add a garbage matte in Boutique? I tried with shapes in the green screen node, and that seemed to disable the chromakey itself; without the shape, the backdrop is gone, with the shape, the backdrop is visible. What am I missing?
  2. I had the single frame view turned on, but turning that off didn't help noticeably. Playback is still pretty choppy overall. The render I made was terrible though -- part of the exported sound track was pure noise, like a buzzsaw. The previous render using the same audio clip wasn't. I filed a ticket and included a link to a OneDrive folder where I have a clip uploading, but my upload speed is pretty sad since it's comcast, so it's anybody's guess how long it will take. Thanks!
  3. One thing that I've been a bit disappointed by in Mistika is speed. I'm using 8K Redcode at 1/16, which plays smoothly in Resolve on the same machine, and plays adequately in Mistika… but once I add audio, the performance tanks hard, which isn't good. And the audio I added is just a single stereo clip at 48 KHz, nothing all that large.
  4. Ok, that's very helpful. I haven't been doing much with the groups functionality yet, but it looks like that will change :) Thanks!
  5. So you're recommending putting the stack into a group first? Ok, I'll try that. This might be one case where using the node graph to see what was going on was a bit deceptive. Thanks!
  6. Interestingly... when I opened up the curve editor and THEN adjusted the keyframes with autokey turned on, it set they keyframes... And when the incoming clip is below the outgoing clip, Mistika adds the transition the way it's supposed do.
  7. I'll try that... though it doesn't help with the fact that keyframing isn't working. I also just tried adding a native Mistika transition, it didn't add that correctly either... same result -- I lassoed the two overlapped clips and selected a Mistika transition, it plopped the transition on top of the outgoing clip, spanning the length of that clip, and ignoring the overlap where it's supposed to put the transition.
  8. That's exactly the sequence of steps that I followed, and the results haven't been even close to what they should be. None of that is working as it should, though it has in the past.
  9. I set up one Sapphire transition (whiplash) between two clips, and used the "key in" and "key out" buttons to set the start and end transition amounts. That really didn't work; epic fail -- the transition amount didn't change at all throughout the transition. I switched to using autokey, and though I had to go back and forth an extra time since I couldn't find a way to get the start keyframe to work, I got that transition to work as I wanted to. So I went to another transition point where I wanted to use a Sapphire blur transition. Absolute fail; using autokey it insists on setting the transition amount to a constant, refusing to give me any transition animation. Adding the transition isn't working correctly either. I selected the stacks on both sides and click the effect button, it adds the effect to the lower one in the timeline, and I can see from the node graph that it isn't including the clip above, which looks like a bug. I shouldn't have to manually link them if I select both the incoming and outgoing clips. In this screen shot the dissolve should be spanning the overlap between the two clips, but it's on the outgoing clip and doesn't include the incoming one like it should. It's easy to fix that by moving things around, but that shouldn't be necessary. Either way though, autokey is simply not working. No matter what I do with it, I end up with the same transition amount throughout the entire transition. The most frustrating thing is that when I turn on auto key and go to the final frame, then drag the transition amount from zero to one, the preview is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Go back to the start of the transition and drag the transition amount back to zero, and I see the same thing in reverse. Go back to the end, and the transition amount stays at zero.
  10. I think it would be a very good idea to put together a masterclass covering the node graph. That makes a lot of these more complicated stack manipulations easier, and it's a great tool to have access to even if you're not doing any compositing. I've been using it even with simple stacks just to make the dataflow easier to see, and to re-order nodes and such. I'm going to work on a short next week that consists of almost all composite shots, though most of them composites are pretty simple chroma key shots. There are just a couple where I'm going to need to do a bit of rotoscoping, but part of why I'm doing this one in Mistika is to re-familiarize myself with the compositing tools that I used quite a while ago in MambaFX.
  11. I've been trying to get a conform to work from Premiere, and so far it's been failing pretty miserably. I get *some* of the files to link, but there's a series of cutaway shots in the edit that didn't link at all... We've been trying a few options, but one question is which XML format should I ask the editor to use? Is there only one option in Premiere? 3A3F3A_PU.xml 3A_PU.edl 3A3F3A_PU.aaf Evil_Dead_Escape_Room.xml
  12. I just went through this process, and my panel isn't connecting. I'm trying with the 8.8.2 beta -- and I'm also not seeing an image from my AJA module now. I'll back up to 8.8.1 and try it again, see if maybe it's a beta problem.
  13. Thanks! So basically I just have to run a calibration sequence with Lightspace and save off the LUT, then apply that as a color filter and my live output is then properly calibrated? You're right, that is very simple now that I know how to do it ?
  14. Nice! Can't wait to try that out!
  15. I also discovered that if you double click the vector names, you can rename them... very useful! So you could easily prep one color grade node with a layer set that you like and propagate that set across all of them to have a prese scaffold, in case you like to work that way.
  16. Then it sounds like it's time to learn how to create display filters ? I've been busy with some editing lately, so I haven't been working in Mistika as much as I was hoping. Argh...
  17. How do you go about integrating Boutique with Lightspace CMS? In the Lightspace guide it points to a 3D Lut tab in the mConfig utility, but I don't see such a tab. Is there a different way to do this in Boutique? Thanks!
  18. No problem! It will be great to be able to use it in Mistika soon, I should be getting a picture locked short film to work on later this week that I'm hoping to use as a way to learn Mistika, so it will be good timing. Once I have some time to work with it, I'll certainly provide what feeback I can!
  19. Oops -- I posted before I saw your reply Cristobal... I'll try it when I get home tomorrow evening. What settings should I use for a Wave 2?
  20. I've tried a few different options, but no luck so far... ?
  21. I haven't been able to get my Tangent Wave 2 to work with Mistika Boutique... is there a config step that I might have missed? I followed the instructions in the document I found, launching the Tangent application and adding Mistika there. The app seems to be detecting Mistika, but the panel isn't connecting. It connects to Scratch without a hitch, so at least I know that the physical connections are good. Thans!
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