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  1. Hi kexianliang, The release of Mistika 11 was delayed due to the major framerate change we made in Mistika 10.8. This change affected several parts of Mistika's core, and we needed some time to ensure the stability of the version. Meanwhile, version 11 has been developed in parallel, adding more features and GUI changes. In fact, we have merged the metadata support from Mistika Workflows into Mistika Boutique, bringing new capabilities to manage, organize, and filter your timeline based on different metadata criteria. Additionally, we have migrated more tools to the new GUI, following the overall redesign that we have been working on for the past few years. Our current focus is on supporting new standards and improving/redesigning the GUI. Now that we have released 10.8, we can concentrate entirely on version 11 to release it as soon as possible. Cheers!
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